Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Psalm 78 List

Christ Church Brenham is officially launched! Most of you know, but for any new friends out there, that is why Casey and I moved here, to start a new church with our friends the Hyde's. A small group of us have been meeting since January in our homes, over meals, praying, studying and preparing to start a new church in Brenham. Sunday, September 9th, 2007 Christ Church Brenham opened it's doors for the first time. It was a beautiful service. Simple. Humble. Reverent.

As we prepared for communion, we were encouraged to remember the great work God has done, starting from Scripture, from Genesis, following the story all the way to our own personal lives. Time and again God's people see Him do miraculous, beautiful things in Egypt and in the wilderness, only to forget and turn their backs on Him. This is the theme of Psalm 78. God rescues, He performs powerful signs and wonders, He provides....His people marvel at His greatness, but almost in an instant, they forget and sin against Him...God forgives...God is faithful. We are no different now. We are equally forgetful. God is equally faithful.

After this reflection during communion and after reading through Psalm 78, I began writing down a list of the blessings God has so generously bestowed upon me. I am sure there are things that I have foolishly forgotten, but when I inevitably encounter difficult times in the future, I hope that this list will come to the forefront of my mind and remind me that God always provides, He always protects. We have a beautiful history together and I have no reason to be afraid.

I remember:
- He saved me and revealed to me that there was more to Him than religion would suggest.
- On my wedding day He was as near to me as I have ever experienced. He comforted me with the knowledge that He is the Guardian and Protector of our marriage. We trust in Him alone.
- He answered our prayers, and gave us a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
- Time after time He has provided for us financially in amazing, unexpected ways.
- He has blessed us with friends who love Him and love us and encourage us towards Him.
- When my heart has been hard or distant towards Him, I cannot escape Him, He is always chasing me and reminding me of Himself.
- He paved the way for us to move to Brenham.
- He instantly provided meaningful friendships here in Brenham, while strengthening our friendships back home.
- He has "renewed a steadfast spirit within me, He has "restored to me the joy of His salvation." (Psalm 51)
- Christ Church, Brenham was born.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lost for Words!

In my first post, I think I mentioned that it takes me a really long time to write a blog. So long in fact, that Casey told me I should title my whole blog, "Lost for Words." What a comedian! Now, whenever he walks by, and I happen to not be typing anything, he laughs and says in a very emo, poetry reading sort of way, "Lost for Words." He mocks me.

It is sort of true that I carefully choose my words, and I may at times write full paragraphs and then erase them, start over and erase them again. I can't help it! And honestly, it's not like I'm writing really serious, thought-provoking, soul-piercing stuff here...but, what do I do, huh? Maybe I'll time myself...that would be fun wouldn't it!? Maybe next time.

So today, just to show my husband, and all of you out there that I can, I am going to, practically without thinking, just jot down a few thoughts and be done!

A few thoughts.

HA...Get it!

(An embarrassing amount of time has just passed.)

Okay, no kidding, I was really planning on continuing with a real blog about my day or funny Braelyn stories, or something, but I can't! I am literally Lost for Words! My husband has jinxed me! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.:::sigh:::

If you also suffer from backspace addiction, please comment. It would be nice to know I am not alone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So How's the Country?

Casey, Braelyn and I have been in Brenham 6 months now. I can hardly believe it. Today on our morning walk at Hohlt Park I was thinking about this and also the question I am asked every time I go back to the city..."So how's the country?" Apparently it is a great mystery how us country folk manage to pass the time. Don't get me wrong...I completely understand. I am, myself, a born and raised city girl. Anyways, you would think that by now I would have a well constructed answer to this question, but inevitably, I am caught off guard and ramble on about how it is so pretty and it's a nice change of pace, and then the closer..."It's good. We really like it." Now these are not lies. I mean all of those things. But, perhaps my answer is lacking in its ability to satisfy the curiosity that is plaguing so many of our city friends. So, while pushing my "buggy" (yes, someone did call my stroller a buggy) around the park this morning, I decided to answer, once and for all, what I truly think about the country.

Things I reckon I fancy:
1. My daily walks with Braelyn at Hohlt Park. It is a beautiful park, surrounded by trees and a little creek. There are soccer fields in the middle and the walking trail is exactly one mile around. It's precious time with Braelyn and I enjoy seeing the now familiar faces of the Hohlt park regulars.

2. Getting together for dinner isn't such a major event. For some reason, when we lived in Sugar Land, making arrangements for our family to eat a meal with another family in the middle of the week was a ridiculously impossible task. We were always so busy, and if we actually had a night off we wanted to stay in, turn our phones off, and watch Office episodes until Pam and Jim got together. Anyways, the point is that now, we have people over all the time...even at a moments notice! The house isn't spotless, dinner certainly isn't gourmet, but nobody cares. We just have fun getting together. Why was it so hard before?

3. I don't invent things to do. When I lived in SL, I always felt like I should be going somewhere, meeting someone, or buying something. Here, there's nowhere to go, someone's probably coming over later, and while there are cute antique stores with plenty to buy, the budget won't allow it. So, I am becoming more content being at home. And as a bonus, I have become quite the reader.

4. It's true...people are very friendly.

5. Practically no one is on a diet or works out.

6. I am never in traffic.

7. The Lord has blessed us with amazing friends. This would have been a much harder transition without these relationships.

Things that aren't so peaches and cream in Blue Bell country:
1. I miss mom and dad, and my friends back home. I go home a lot, but you know, it's not the same. And both sets of grandparents live there, who are more than willing to babysit anytime! Ugh...we miss that!

2. Since I did live in Sugar Land my whole life, I still get that "I'm home" feeling when I am there. I know where things are, my friends and family are's home. It's hard to compete with 26 years.

3. I miss TARGET and CHIC-FIL-A!

So there's that. That's how the country is for this city girl. I really do like it. We're happy here. Casey and I are truly taking time to enjoy each other and our baby girl. And most importantly, we find that we are growing in faith. The Lord has provided for us in all ways, and has invited us to join Him in His work. It is an exciting time.