Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thanks, Honey!!!!

My man...he takes care of me.
Look how straight my hair is! Ahhh! So nice and tidy.

Thanks for your input guys. It makes me feel good to know I can turn to my blogger buddies if I'm in a hair crisis! Y'all are the best!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is It REALLY Worth It?

To all the CHI users out there....

A few weeks ago I got my hair cut, and try as I might to tell these stylists that I do not want to use a flat iron, they will hear none of that crazy talk. It's as if it is no longer an option to NOT flat iron our hair. So here I am...using the flat iron. :|

Here's my question and dilemma. I used a flat iron for a while about 2 years ago and didn't like what it did to the ends of my hair. I was not using a CHI. Here I am again, using the same flat iron and worried about the damage it is going to do to my hair.

If I get a CHI, will it REALLY be a lot better for my hair? If you use one, does your hair stay healthy? Do you use any products to protect it? Does anybody know where I can get one for a really good price?

I'm fine to invest in a CHI, but I don't want to spend the money if it is still going to do damage to my hair. I'd love your input on this. Help! My hair needs you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, It's About Time!

Last Tuesday, the fam went to the Blue Bell factory for the first time!

(Braelyn is not pictured because she would not wear her Blue Bell paper cap. This photo was for paper cap wearers only!)

It doesn't get better than this, my friends! A day completely devoted to family and ice cream!
These girls have happy hearts!

Braelyn is never quite sure what to do when we try to take a picture of ourselves.
(This is one of the better ones.) Ahh! But we know what to do now, don't we?
Her flavor...PINK!

So we made to the factory in just under 2 years! Now we just have to take our family portrait in a blue bonnet field and we will officially be Brenhamites. (Hopefully we can get someone to take that picture for us! ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Owl You Need is Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to admit that my heart was a little broken at the start of the day. After we woke up, I proudly presented Braelyn with her Valentine's Owl, and sure enough, she crinkled her nose, shook her head and declared her disapproval. "I don't like it," she said. My little heart sank. While I got ready for the day, I had to fight back some tears, but it helped when I fantasized about punching those skinny Disney broads in their teeth...they're my competition, you see...and I am losing! Oh well, I guess I saw it coming.

Anyways, with a hint of Valentine's Day bitterness on my shoulder, Braelyn and I left for the Brenham rest home. My original party plan was to have all of our friends meet at the Brenham Rest home to deliver some Love Day cheer to the grandfolks and then head back to our house for lunch and cupcakes and la la la. Well, it turned out to be a busy day for our friends so we canceled the party, but Braelyn and I and our great friends, the Barnards still made an appearance at the Rest Home.

I am so glad we did! The kids did such a great job. We've been a few other times and Braelyn always seemed a little scared to talk and be friendly. But today, she was quite the social butterfly. When we first arrived she announced to the people in the foyer, "I HAVE PANTIES!" Thank goodness they don't hear so well! Then, as we handed out our valentines and chocolates kisses, Braelyn was confused and disturbed to see one lady put the candy in her mouth without taking the foil off. From that point on she adamantly instructed her Valentines recipients that they had to take the paper off. Oh man...she hasn't made me laugh like that in a long time. Funny girl.

Thanks Barnards, for going with us and for coming over for a little play date! We are so thankful for you guys!

Needless to say, all Valentine's Day bitterness has dissolved! It has been a lovely afternoon. Braelyn and I had heart-shaped pb&j's and pink-frosted cupcakes for dessert. Even the owl situation has improved since this morning. Look...she's actually holding it...and smiling. Granted...I asked her to do that for the picture, but this morning she wouldn't even come near it, so we're making progress.

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, a beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to my door. Thank you so much, Casey!!! That was so unexpected. I love you.

So there's my official Valentine's Day post. A little better than last year's, I must say. ;)
I think I am going to take a little Valentine's Day nap! G' Night!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day is for Crafting!

I'm not really a Valentine's Day person, but this year I decided to "go homemade" and I have had so much fun.

Love Day Project #1:
Red Party Garland
The plan was to have an actual party, but that sorta fell through. But, look how prepared I will be for next year! ;) It was fun to make, especially since I was with a bunch of friends at a sewing party. I just finished it tonight though, so this baby's staying up the whole rest of the month! Very fun and festive I think!

Love Day Project #2 (The biggie!)
Braelyn's Owl
THIS WAS SO FUN!!! As you can see, I pretty much just copied the ones I found on Etsy. I did add one little Love Day detail of my own however....I enjoyed every second of this project. Oddly enough, the hardest part was stuffing him. I still don't think I used quite enough. Anybody got any stuffing tips? I guess I should have inquired before I set out to make my first stuffed animal. Nonetheless, I love it, and I love that I will give Braelyn something that I made and I love. I am a bit concerned that she is not going to like it, due to the fact that it is not a pink owl, nor is it a princess owl. We'll see.

And Love Day Project #3 (Which is actually baking, but what would Valentine's Day be without baking?!)
Cupcakes...a perfect mother-daughter project!
(Mother frosted cupcakes after daughter went to bed.)There are 24 cupcakes, so I thought it would be fun for Braelyn and I to spend the afternoon delivering some to our friends around town. (Casey is speaking in Austin, so it's just the girls this year.)

And I wanted to show you my Martha reusable cupcake cups! I got them for Christmas from my friend, Cynthia and I LOVE THEM!!! The cupcakes just pop right out and they look so cute. Thanks, Cynthia!

Technically, it's Valentine's Day right now (it's almost 1am) so Happy Valentine's Day, but I'm gonna try to post a little something Whatever!
G' Night.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Lot of This and That

I haven't blogged in a week. With sewing and reading and having people over almost every night and all of our ridiculous TV shows that we are emotionally invested in (Lost (numero uno!), 24, American Idol) blogging has taken a back seat. Even now while I'm actually here to blog, I can't...I'm eating trail's very delicious and distracting. Okay...I put it away.

There is a list of things I've been wanting to update you on.
1. Potty Training: Going exceptionally well! I was totally bracing myself for the worst, but Braelyn has done great! We have an accident here and there, but mostly we've got dry britches! I even took her to College Station today, where we went to the Children's Museum, Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby! No accidents. Lots of potty breaks.

2. Sewing: I've been a busy bee, and I have to admit, a little obsessed. That's all I can think about! Unfortunately, I have to set up my machine and all other supplies in the dining room, so I can't just do a little bit here and a little bit there. I really have to commit a chunk of time. But I'm making due. At the very end of January, I did complete one Christmas gift item! YEA! I'm sticking to my Christmas plan - at least one item a month. It feels good to have a plan and know what I am doing! Anyways, as far as non-Christmas items's what I've been working on:

A couple of draft snakes. Our 70 year old windows aren't as eco-friendly as we would like, but mostly I just like to see that cozy little guy in my window. Also, for Valentine's Day, I wanted to make Braelyn a little stuffed animal. I liked the idea of an owl. (When I asked her if there was animal she liked she mentioned a pig, but I had already been gathering ideas for an owl. Owl it is!) I searched through Etsy to help me figure out how I might do this. I was inspired by these:

And these by Retromama:So anyway...I'll let you know how it goes. I'm excited to try!

What else?.... (Back to trail mix) Hmmm?...

3. The College Bible Study: Oh my goodness this is so exciting! Last semester, the college small group met at our house for dinner and bible study. This semester, the group has just gotten too big, so we moved it to the church. It seems like the students have been looking for something like this for a while and are really excited about what God is doing. They are inviting their friends like crazy and a few have even found us through Facebook! These students have been such an encouragement to us. It's amazing to be a part of!

4. College dance friends: A few weeks ago I met up with some of the girls I danced with in college. It was amazing to see them again. I only spent about 3 years with them, but with all the hours we spent dancing together and all the interesting situations we found ourselves in together (modern dance, you know...anything can happen) they became my dear, dear friends. I was elated to get reconnected with them again.This weekend, I am going with a few of them to see a few of them in a dance concert. It will be the first dance concert I've been to since I quit dancing. I'm nervous that it will be hard for me to watch without feeling sad that I'm not dancing myself, but...I miss these girls and I miss dance in general. I think it will be good for me to go. I'll let you know if I keep it together or not. ;)

5. New Book: The girls I went through Crazy Love with(a college and high school student) and I have started a new book. This one.Has anybody read it? Just curious. I'd love to know what you thought.

6. Final item. Braelyn's Wardrobe Choices: It's happening people!! She's wanting to pick out her own clothes! Part of me is glad about this. I want her to be a creative individual who isn't afraid to express herself. On the other hand, when we are going the Children's Museum...I want her to look cute and properly put together. Places like the grocery store or the park, I don't care...knock yourself out with your tutus and sparkly shoes and tiaras...but should I allow this everywhere we go?! I can't decide exactly where I stand on this. Moms, and future moms...what are your feelings on this subject?