Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I Were on Twitter Tuesday

My Tuesday Tweet:

2010 Halloween Costumes:
Braelyn - Sleeping Beauty
Steph - Queen of Hearts (Thanks to a red bridesmaids dress)
Casey - Uncertain (My vote...Fred Flintstone. Alternative ideas welcome.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If I Were on Twitter Tuesday

My Tuesday Tweet:

So...I'm giving up one of my favorite things on the planet...again. My beloved Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm sure we will reunite at some point, but for now, we must part ways. Grabbed one this afternoon though...had to say goodbye, of course. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Been a Good Day in the Domestic Arts Department!

It was a very successful day for this red-headed housewife, my friends. A very successful day, indeed. While Braelyn was at school, I deep cleaned the apartment, which is what I am always supposed to do on Deep Clean Tuesday, but it just doesn't always happen. But today it did. Braelyn's room did not get clean, but honestly...moms...why do we bother?

Anyways, after I picked Braelyn up from school, I went to work on a couple of new recipes from a blog I recently discovered. And let me tell you...I am head over heels in LOVE with this blog! Seriously. It's called Our Best Bites and it's written by two moms who know their way around a kitchen. They post their fabulous recipes (and CRAFTS!) with step-by-step instructions and step-by-step photos! So handy for when you are trying something new and you ask yourself, "Is that supposed to look like that?". They're super cute and funny and I want to hug these women for being so brilliant. Okay...so on with it, already!

Recipe #1: Cinnamon Caramel Corn with Pecans and White Chocolate (except I omitted the pecans)

Y'all! This recipe was SO FUN to make and SO DELICIOUS to EAT!!!! I made it for our community group, and I think everybody really enjoyed it. Christ Community is gonna have a little Halloween shindig and I think I am gonna make a big ol' batch and make little baggies of popcorn heaven to give away. I would come to my church if I gave myself that stuff! ;)

After I finished that and got the kitchen cleaned up again (I like to have a clean kitchen before I make a mess. Don't know why.), I got to work on dinner.

Recipe #2: Black Bean Soup
Now, I have been looking for a good black bean soup recipe that does NOT require the use of dried black beans all the live long day. Because I love a good black bean soup, and I am a failure when it comes to using dried beans. Simply cannot do it. But ladies and gentleman, these genius women have made all my black bean soup dreams come true! A.MA.ZING! Even Casey says so!
Topped with a squeeze of lime, cilantro, monterey jack cheese, and a lovely dollop of Daisy. I also had it with a hearty baguette, but poor Casey, who is dieting like a champ, just had black bean soup. No cheese. No sour cream. No baguette. Sad. But...like I said, he really loved it. This recipe is definitely getting a regular spot on the Cease family menu.

It was a successful day. Once I publish this post, I can go relax with the hubs and a happy heart. Clean house. Yummy dinner. Yummy dessert. And..to be honest, I needed this little victory in the kitchen, folks. I'm just coming off a disastrous crockpot chicken incident and a beer bread that could double for a doorstop. So, thank goodness for that handy dandy blog! I've already got my eye on some of their other recipes!

To all the ladies out there...happy homemaking! ;)

If I Were on Twitter Tuesday

My Tuesday Tweet:

The darn thing about sin is that it usually doesn't feel like sin when you're in the middle of it. It's sneaky that way. And that's why I need Jesus!

Oh, and guess what?!...This is my 300th post! Didn't really want to spend it on a Tuesday Tweet, but that's all I got time for, folks.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Clam Chowder for Lunch!

For the past couple of weeks we've been reading lots of Robert McCloskey books...particularly Blueberries for Sal and One Morning in Maine. After we finished reading the latter, we did a little research online about clams (as Braelyn had no idea what they were) and decided to try out a bowl of clam chowder for ourselves.

Well, Panera Bread has clam chowder on Fridays, so today was the day.


Braelyn's first bite.

And...thank goodness for the back-up bowl of mac n' cheese, cause this sweet girl wasn't a huge fan. Oh well, we're sharing experiences here! ;)

And while we are on the subject of books, I wanted to share with you a FABULOUS idea I got from my lovely mother-in-law, Carolyn. She has logged every book she has ever read since she was a little girl. I think it comes out to thousands of book titles and a hearty stack of notebooks. What a treasure!

So, I started one for Braelyn today. I used my awesome notebook made by my friend at Paper+Twine (which I was using as a garden log, but as my garden was not so successful in Brenham and non-existent here, it wasn't getting the use it deserved, so I re-purposed it).

We've obviously read more than 7 books in Braelyn's life, but I just logged books that we've read in the last week or two, and we'll start logging them from here on out. I'm super excited! I hope she'll keep it up forever and ever!
Thanks for the inspiration Carolyn!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Round Top Report

Round Top time again...where twice a year the heavens open up and God showers love on women by giving them precious friends, giant cups of a tea-lemonade combo, gorgeous weather and tents and tents of beautifully loved-on items from a time gone by. It is my favorite place on earth and this fall show did not disappoint!

Here's some pics:

Erica & me...with said delicious Arnold Palmer...the first of two.

The gals...Sarah, Brandi, Erica & her lil' sis Alex

Test driving a set of patio chairs I had my eye on. Yup...feels just about right!

Sarah, Becca & Baby Stella

The last girls standing...Sarah and I finished up at Warrenton around 6pm. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Here's what came home with me:

The patio chairs and little white table, which I originally purchased to go inside, but I think it's just perfect out here.

I went this season looking for a little table to go beside this chair so that those having a sit had somewhere to set their drink. First, I found the white metal one, but later in the day, I found this little wooden table. So, I grab this guy up for $25, decided the metal one could go outside. I think I'm gonna paint it. What do you think? Red? Or maybe a lighter version of the blanket color?

Finally, just a wire basket for blankets. (I am ALWAYS freezing in our apartment!) I think I'm gonna sew a linen or burlap cover to fit the inside.

And there's that. :)

New Feature...If I Were on Twitter Tuesdays

I don't want to be on Twitter, but if I was, my tweet today would be:

If we ever have another daughter, I am seriously considering naming her Audrey Sue Sylvester Cease. Glee tonight! Woo Hoo!