Saturday, September 7, 2013

Catching Up, Month by Month: November 2012

We spent November trying to feel normal again, finding a new rhythm for our new family.  It didn't come as easily as I had hoped.  There were quite a few tears involved when it came to figuring out how to enjoy my new baby and teach and plan school and clean and cook and so on.  Put together sleep deprivation with my perfectionism and my ridiculously unrealistic expectations...well, let's just say that I struggled. A lot.  Casey, Braelyn and I all struggled in our own way, with our own stuff.  So much had happened in our family, but the world kept on turning. So we worked, and crashed, and burned, and worked some more to catch back up.  

But!  Every now and then, the Lord in His kindness would stop me and say, "LOOK! Look at what I have done!" 

...and what is there to do, but savor such moments and rejoice in the work He has done and praise Him, who does in abundance far more than we ask or think! To Him be the glory forever and ever!

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