Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Round Top Post...(which happens to be slightly innappropriate)

Sorry for the delay.
Here we go.

I spent the morning with my friend, Mandi. She and I stopped at a pleasant, little spot called Blue Hills, but then spent the rest of the morning and much of the afternoon at Marburger.

Here we are. I look hideous, I know. I must remember to never take my own picture.

As we were wrapping up our time at Marburger, Mandi found THE perfect wire basket. A perfect combination of fashion and function. Well done, Mandi.At around 2-ish, Brandi joined us, making our party all the merrier. I was, however quite jealous of her sundress and cowboy boots. So quintessentially Round Top!
Regarding my purchases...I was looking for one of those giant wine jugs, preferably with a label or in its wire basket. I did find several that I loved, however, they were pretty pricey. I will have you know, that I negotiated the price for all legitimate prospects. I was very proud of myself about that. Anyways, when Casey gave me my budget for the day, he said if I see an item and feel like I am going to DIE if I don't have it, then I can buy it, otherwise, let's save it and use the money for um...more necessary things. I assured him that if Round Top is anything, it is necessary. Nonetheless, I wanted to honor my husband's request, and although I negotiated just about all the jugs into the acceptable (not preferable) price range, I did not feel like I was going to DIE without them. (BTW, we were making lots of "jugs" jokes, so feel free to laugh if I use the word's just funny.) So, on to Warrenton.

By the time we hit Warrenton, it was getting pretty late, our feet were tired, and it's just so darn big and there's so much stuff, you're almost worn out before you begin. But, we made our way through a good section of it. As our feet were telling us that the day was done, to my delight I saw a booth with one lonesome wine jug. It was not the most beautiful one I had seen that day, but the price definitely was! Super cheap, compared to what I saw at Marburger. Sold!

Back at home with my jug...and a lavender bundle.
Maybe this is why girls started wearing boots to Round Top. I am thinking of making a shirt for the Spring show...Round Top: If your feet ain't dirty, you ain't shoppin' hard enough!
So this is where my jug is now. See it back there? (Oh, Erin... I painted that blue basket red. What do ya think?)
But I also, considered this. Thoughts?
I went back the next day with my parents and Braelyn (what was I thinking?! DO NOT TAKE TODDLERS OR CHILDREN OF ANY AGE TO ROUND TOP!!!!) and I saw a booth that had a great collection of jugs at really reasonable prices. I think I will find that dealer in the Spring and pick up one or two more in different shapes and sizes. Maybe once I get a nice little collection going, I'll splurge on a beautiful, dark green, labeled, wire basketed wine jug. I'll just have a table of jugs! (I feel like Michael Scott.) But I think I made a good choice for now. It's my training jug! HA! ( more jugs jokes.)

Ladies...Mandi, was a pleasure.
Mom, Dad...we'll have to do it again.
Braelyn...I love you...a lot. I don't think Round Top is for you.


Abbasgirl said...

Great purchase. I like it on the sofa table.

The Kramer Family said...

How fun! I'm a tad jealous of your Brenham girl adventure to Round Top.

I only got to go once......and it was with the children. So. Not. Fun.

Love the jug. Its wonderful.


Erin said...

Yeah, I learned after day 1 at Marburger that flip flops weren't the best choice! Day 2 at Warrenton, I decided no matter how bad it looked - I was doing sneakers!
I like the red basket. It goes well with your other red accents. MAN, we REALLY need to make your other pillows, don't we!
The jug. Yes, I think i like it better on the sofa table although maybe it just needs something with it on the dining table...? I've also seen them looking fantastic on top of an armoir. Can it go on top of your entertainment armoir or something? Just a thought.
Good job! I'd never seen one in a crate like that. cute.

Cynthia said...

My first thought when I saw that picture of you and Mandi was, "She looks so pretty, loving that hair!" Seriously. Then I read how you think you look ugly. Never! I like the jug behind the couch too. Everything looks so perfectly arranged on that little back table. Well done you!

Jenny said...

Hideous? Never. I am a woman who loves the Lord and yet continues to be oh so hard on myself and my one bit of sanity in that dept. is that I am a stay at home mom, heavy on the stay at home and so in my typical day I don't look in the mirror (poor hubby) and so the only response to my looks I get each day is one of utter love and joy at seeing my sleep smusched face from my 2 year old, Sophia. You are a very beautiful woman and have no need for that language at all. all that aside I would love to go to Round Top sometime, when are the dates and/or website to get info about the wheres and whens? What are your fave locations at Round Top? Update me if you can. THe jug is fantastic and a table full of jugs of different hues would be smashing, uh, great, no smashing needed. by the way I have finally updated my lonely blog.

Anonymous said...

"I'll just have a table of jugs!"

"That's what she said"

Catherine Haskew said...

Steph this is so funny! Julie and I spent our entire day looking for big jugs too...and making horrible jokes about it! We weren't successful though. And that evening I went to Pottery Barn and found one on sale for $10! Yours is much cooler though! Good job!

Sara Triana said...

First of all, can I come to Round Top with you some day when I have my own home? Second, it looks super cute behind the couch.

Casey Cease said...

eh heh heh... she said jugs...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the your purchase - what a neat idea! What is the name of the vendor in Spring?