Friday, July 10, 2009

When the Boys are Away...

...the girls will play!

A few pics from our week (without daddy).

A day trip to Dilorio's Farmers Market in Hempstead.

Just Braelyn (enjoying a root beer in the bottle),
me (Braelyn took the picture),
and baby.
(While we are on the subject of baby, I will tell you two of my favorite names that Braelyn has given to her baby. In second place...Allah. (Honestly, she made that up herself! She hasn't heard about Allah from us.) Anyways, baby did not stay Allah long because I could not stop laughing, and so Braelyn was forced to make the difficult but necessary decision to change her name to Ally to prevent her from further ridicule and embarrassment. I assured her that Ally was a beautiful name.

In first place...Lurk! What is there to say about that except that it is going on our short list of names for any future children Casey and I may have. Boy or girl.)

So back to the the farmers market. It's a very fun little spot! I got a little basil plant and a jar of super hot salsa. I can't wait to go back and get some fresh produce!

On Wednesday we joined forces with Brandi (whose husband is also away) and the kids. We went to the zoo in the evening as to avoid being burned alive in the scorching afternoon heat. It was still pretty warm at 5pm, but by 6ish it was quite bearable, and to our extreme delight, the the animals were starting to show signs of life.

Some pics.

The kids were genuinely more enthusiastic about the statues of the animals than the actual animals, which is awesome. :|

That night we all stayed in Houston and Thursday morning headed down to Galveston for a day at the beach.

Braelyn spent most of the day under the umbrella playing in the sand. She was afraid of the water at first, but got braver and braver as the day went on. By the end, we were jumping waves together...clinging to me for dear life, but still...
As for me, I also spend most of the day under the umbrella, reading and chatting and wondering why in the world I don't spend more time at the beach. It was fabulous!

Here is Braelyn in her new beach-beauty cover-up. We brought a simple T-shirt, but that was unsatisfactory, as all the other girls had some sort of dress-style cover-up. So we picked this little number up at the gift shop, and as you can see, she is feeling quite proud of herself and her new cover-up.
Here's Debbie, Brandi and Betty sweet friends who invited us to tag along on their family beach day. Thank you guys SO MUCH! We had a great time!

As a matter of fact, we had such a great time, that Casey, Braelyn and I are going back to the beach all next week. Casey is done with camp and we are all ready for a little va-cay! Casey and I will go to Galveston Monday through Wednesday and then Braelyn will join us for the remainder of the week. I cannot wait! Until then...


Cheryl said...

So FUN! We love Galveston! I hope y'all have a fabulous vacation! =)

Morgan said...

so fun! i just got back from galveston...i'll post about it soon!

Abba's Girl said...

Lurk...LOL...went to Galveston a couple of weeks ago, part of the
30th high school reunion celebration...I too stayed under a tent.