Monday, February 15, 2010

Not So Bad, After All Valentine's Day wasn't quite as bad as I had anticipated. For starters, Braelyn actually didn't hate her kitty! Phew. That was a close one.

And I almost forgot...I "made" her this little scarf for her Valentine's party at school.(She doesn't actually like the scarf that much, she's just being charming for the picture.)
It is the easiest thing ever! I just got a yard of fleece, cut a 7 inch strip down the long side, cut little fringe on ends, and then stitched on a felt heart. Done. So easy. So cheap. So fun. (Well, I think so, anyway.) two homemade Valentines gifts that Braelyn doesn't completely loathe equal one homemade Valentine gift that she kind of likes?
Well, we're moving up anyhow...
Here are our stats:
Last Year: Greatly Disliked
This Year: Didn't Dislike

Next Year I am aiming for Barely Like


As for MY sweet Valentine...look what he bought me! (with the help of a small collection of gift cards)...My first iPod! And it's pink! Perfect!
Thank you, my love!


mandi said...

very nice! please tell me taylor swift was NOT your first download!!!

Steph said... Ms. Swift is not on my iPod. I have done my time, and then some. :)

Bethany @ said...

it's so cute, and I like the scarf, even if Braelyn isn't fond of it...yet!
Missed ya at storytime!

Erica said...

How can you turn your back on Taylor?! ;] So cute!

Caryn said...

My hubby bought me the blue one! :-)