Monday, September 27, 2010

Becoming Braelyn

I've noticed a change in Braelyn. It began this summer. And if I had to pick a moment, I think it began when she tried putting her head under water for the first time. She was so proud of herself, and ever since then, she has been far more willing to fight her fears and attempt new things.

Exhibit A: The Aquarium
On Saturday we met up with some of our favorite friends at the Aquarium in downtown Houston. Now, you can get a Super-Fun pass to see the aquarium plus ride all the rides, but "knowing our daughter," we decided to get just the aquarium pass plus a ticket for the shark train. Little did we know...

In the Aquarium: Where things are normal.

Pals! Joshua & Braelyn

Checkin' out some sting ray bellies.

Joshua getting his growl on after the white tiger exhibit.
(By the way...why is there a white tiger exhibit at the aquarium? Just curious.)

In the Amusement Park: Where things are very ABnormal and my daughter freaks me out with her courageousness and care-free attitude.

On the shark train.

Sharks...swimming over our heads, while on train. Thrilling!
So, after the shark train, I'm pretty sure MY daughter got off with some other family, and another very cute and adorable little girl, who also happens to answer to the name Braelyn got off with us. I'm sure that's what happened, because would MY daughter even consider, much less be excited to ride THIS?!?
No. No she would not. Not ever.
She doesn't even go down the tunnel slide at the park!

But she is, my friends!!! Cool as a cucumber.

"What? A hundred feet ain't nothin'. Shoot."

And believe it or not, folks,
this is her first carousel ride.
I guess she decided it was no big deal after the ferris wheel.
Fun family photo op!

Exhibit B:
At Braelyn's dance studio, the 4 year old class takes 30 minutes of ballet, followed by 30 minutes of tap. When we signed up, however, Braelyn made it quite clear that she wanted nothing to do with tap. Thankfully, the teachers were very understanding and didn't press the issue, so each week, while her dance mates are switching their shoes, Braelyn quietly steps out of class.

Not this week.
Look who's tapping now!!!
Man, I am so proud of that girl for trying new things!
Of course, it doesn't matter to me whether she rides ferris wheels, or takes tap class, but what does matter to me is that she enjoys figuring out who she is and has the confidence to take some chances. What a joy it is to watch those things happen!


Erica said...

Um... I think I must be reading my OTHER friend Steph's blog about HER daughter. That ferris wheel?! Are you kidding me??? And tapping with all the loud noises?! What a big girl! I'm so proud of her. :] Give her a hug for me!

Robin Brient said...

Or was it all for a boy?? Watch out Steph, you have quite a cutie on your hands! Miss you guys so much!

R :)

mandi said...

Way to go Braelyn!!!

After watchin Dylin come into herself, I want to yell this to all moms with little ones "just give them time!!! don't push them!!!" . I was just telling a mom at the park yesterday when she lamenting over her painfully shy children that they do come out. In their own time.

Good for you giving her space and allowing her to make her own choices- when she was ready for them!