Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1000 More Pictures from June & July

Okay, so I'm about 10 blog posts behind so this is gonna be quick. Let's do this!

Event #4: Vail
June 21-23 Casey and I went to Vail for the Acts29 Pastors Retreat. It was gorgeous there and of course, the retreat sessions were very encouraging, but really the best part was our time with the Hydes. It was so great to just relax, eat delicious food, have meaningful conversations, have uninterrupted meaningful conversations, go hot tubbin', snack on gummy cokes and enjoy that perfect Colorado weather with dear friends. A definite summer highlight.

Dr. Hyde and myself...IN SWEATERS in LATE JUNE! (although mine is doing something weird, not sure what's happening there.)
The Hubs, Einstein & Justin
Ceases in what was probably snack stop #6 out of 12. We did a bit of restaurant hopping on this trip. ;)

Event #5: I lost some of my sparkle.
No picture for this sad news...shortly after Vail I had to take my nose ring out. I know. It's sad. Cause I just loved my little nose ring. But it kept getting this bump thing and it was driving me crazy and I didn't want to end up with a permanent bump or a hideous scar or something, so I took it out. Still a little heartbroken over that.

Event #6 The Wedding!
Yes, Erica's wedding has come and gone already! It was such a fun weekend. She was a beautiful bride and the big day was just perfect. Here's some pics.

Just look at that gorgeous girl!
The bride and flower girl. Once again, Braelyn performed her duties as flower girl with grace and elegance. She is like a professional now.
And Erica and her matron of honor...who looks a little weird. This matron of honor learned on this happy occasion that full hair and make-up do not bring out the best in her. ;)

Event #7: The Civil Wars
We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little band called the Civil Wars. We tried to see them a while back, but the guy singer couldn't sing. Sick or something. Thankfully they rescheduled and we got to see them at The Mucky Duck. A great night with great friends.

Lori, Lindley & myself.
Had to get one with Brittney.
Okay...had to get one with the Hubs too.

Phew! That was crazy crazy June & July! Not to mention summer camps. Well, I can tell you we were counting the seconds until August all summer long, cause August 1st we left for a 5 day trip to New York City. But of course, in full Cease fashion, about 3 days before we left we made a huge-ish life decision. Some scrambling and minor chaos ensued, but God proved Himself faithful once more. And then by His kindness and mercy, August 1st finally came and He allowed us to leave crazy behind and we got on a plane and flew to the Big Apple with only one have some awesome family fun. And we did!
More on all that next time. ;)


Robin Brient said...

You can't say the words HUGE Decision and leave us hanging!!

Steph said...

Ha! I like how I did that?! :)

Steph said...

Also, I believe I said the word huge-ISH.

mandi said...

I agree. I'm not for the cliff-hanger. Especially with your blogging track-record this summer, lady!

I can't wait to see NYC pics! I've been waiting for that!