Saturday, September 3, 2011

New York: Days 1 & 2

So...We went to New York! About a month ago! CRAZY!

(BTW...I fear that my blog time has gone from scarce to non-existant. But I just can't quit you...! So I'll try to cram some posts in where I can. ;)

Here's The Ceases in New York.
DAY 1:

Breakfast of Champions.

Central Park

Braelyn on the Carousel that she didn't particularly love.
She is also holding my Venti Black Iced Tea. Got one of those babies every single day.
I could not have been the vacation slave-driver that I was without them! Thank you, Starbucks!
Potential Christmas card photo?
Or this one perhaps?
We figured out that if we let Braelyn take pictures we could get her to walk longer without complaining. ;)
Sweet Girl!

The American Museum of Natural Science

To be honest this wasn't our favorite stop. My family was just too worn out to fully appreciate it, I guess. Braelyn's favorite part was the little discovery room for kids.
She's digging for fossils.
Alice's Tea Cup for dinner. One of my favorite eateries!
They gave Braelyn fairy dust and fairy wings when we got there (which there aren't actually any fairies in Alice in Wonderland, but whatever, Braelyn loved it) and we had a proper pot of tea before dinner.

DAY 2:

A lovely, breezy breakfast on the patio at Juniors. But we are right across from our hotel, not in Brooklyn.

30 Rock

Enjoying some chocolates and frozen hot chocolate from Jacque Torres in the 30 Rock underground shopping area. Delish!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of my favorite places by far, but IT IS SO BIG! We were there for several hours and probably saw 30% of the museum. I HAVE to go back!

Got into a bit of trouble for taking this picture. Forgot my flash was on. Oops! (But also worth it!)

Pre-Theater Dinner at The Pig N' Whistle Irish Pub
And walking to the New Amsterdam Theater to see Mary Poppins. In the rain. With our umbrellas. So fitting.
Braelyn LOVED Mary Poppins! She got upset when she realized it was over. But daddy made her feel better with a mini Mary Poppins carpet bag. ;) But I think it's faulty, 'cause my floor lamp DOES NOT fit in there. I've tried so many times!
Anyways, we had such a good time! We're still singing show tunes a month later!

(NYC Days 3 & 4 coming...
Well, who knows when they'll be coming! ;)

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mandi said...

Oh! I can't wait for more! I was wondering what a New York trip with children would look like. Alice's tea cup? How wonderful! Seriously, that place sounds amazing! And seeing Mary Poppins? So great!

ps- I vote for the Christmas card with the 2 of you on the rock. Nuthin says Emmanuel like Casey's butt front and center!!! : )