Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Quick Casita Pics

My favorite room...the kitchen.
Living Room. Not completely finished but, we're getting there.
The floating shelves were my Christmas present. I love them! Especially my little work nook. Can't wait to finish working on this space. For starters, I'm about to paint the "C" a pretty aqua/robin's egg blue color. I'll keep ya posted on our projects.
More pics to come as we get rooms looking more like rooms...and not big blank spaces. But it's gonna take a little time. And money. You know how it is. ;)


mandi said...

Girl- do I EVER know how it is! That kitchen is gasp worthy! So big!
I love the little shutters on your house-so cute! We need to plan a date soon so we can come check it out in real life!

Caryn said...

Beautiful Home!