Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2nd Grade! First Day of School Pictures

Well, it's been one year to the day since I last blogged. So unfortunately, this is the exact same post as my last post 12 months ago, except we have Braelyn's 2nd grade photos to add in.  I do apologize for my absence.  It has been quite a year for the Cease household and honestly, maybe I just needed a year off...to rest and recover and to be quiet for a while.  Most of you already know what the last year has held for us, but nonetheless, I am anxious to "get it down on paper," so to speak, and connect some dots from where I left off in our story. When I wrote that last chapter, I was about 7 months pregnant...and now, a year later...well, meet Abigail Anne! My precious 10 month old ray of sunshine!
So, much more to come about this sweet girl and how she came into the world and the many happy months that have passed since then.

For now...we will proceed with the annual First Day of School Picture Post.
Allow me to reminisce...

First Day of School (St. Paul's Day School)- 2009 (3 Years Old)

First Day of School (Children of The Woodlands) - 2010 (4 Years Old)

First Day of School (Classical Conversations) - 2011 (5 Years Old)

Mom & Daughter First Day of School - 2011

First Day of School (Classical Conversations) - 2012 (6 Years Old)

Mom & Daughter First Day of School - 2012

First Day of School (Classical Conversations) - 2013 (7 Years Old)

 Mom & Daughter First Day of School - 2013

So there you have it...Braelyn...a 2nd grader! Who's so big and gorgeous and missing tons of teeth and brilliant and funny and the greatest big sister a mommy could hope for and just a fantastic girl! I know we're going to have a great school year together!

Ahhhhhh! It's good to be back to The Beautiful Meantime!
See ya soon! (For real, this time ;)


Abba's Girl said...

Love you!

Erin said...

Really?! I hope so because I don't really do the instagram thing so this is the only way I have of keeping up with you! Happy School Days to both of you!

Courtney said...

I've thought of you soon many times this year, wondering how everything had turned out! I'm grinning looking at what God has done. Can't wait to hear the details! Good to see you on here!

Caryn said...

Welcome Back! Your daughters are so adorable! Time flies...can you believe that Christian turned 10 in Feb. And Carysse is 6. When we left TX, he was 4 & she was 5 mos!

Erica Dirba said...

Hip, hip, hooray! So happy you're back, friend. :)