Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catching Up, Month by Month: September 2012

The best way I know how to walk through the past year is through pictures.  I'm challenging myself to write about one month every day or two, using just a single picture for each month...a picture is worth a thousand words, and all of that.  However, I can't make any promises...some months...well, there just aren't enough words to describe all that happened.  So off we go...

In September, we were in the thick of our school work, which of course included some classic reading.  Charlotte's Web. What a treasure! And what a task it was, reading aloud Chapter 21: The Last Day, when Charlotte tells Wilber she will not be returning with him to the barn, what, with a lump the size of Texas in my throat and my eyes leaking like a sieve!  It took me twice as long as it should have to get through that bit, for all the tears and blubbering. My daughter on the other hand, was completely dry-eyed, so of course, I immediately suspected her of being an associate of the evil Lord Voldemort, but she has since proven herself loyal to the side of goodness and beauty.  You can imagine our relief! ;)

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megan ella said...

I just loled. I'd have a lump in my throat too! Love you Steph!