Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Lesson in Picture Posting

In my first post, I promised that I would learn how to make my new blog more interesting, with pictures and links and polls and other things that I don't know about yet. For now we will start with some photographs...well wouldn't you know it...I just happen to have some new, beautiful pictures of Braelyn! Perfect! Casey is giving me my first lesson, so here it goes.

Hello, my name is Braelyn Cute-as-a-button Cease. What's yours?

I love this picture.

Is she Casey's daughter or what!

The Antique Rose Emporium

There is an Antique Rose Emporium about 20 minutes outside of Brenham. It is the cutest place ever! There are little garden trails, and gazebos, and an adorable country chapel. One day on our way back from college station, we pulled in and took Braelyn's 14 month pictures...which will substitute for the 12 month pictures that we didn't take. The bright side to this is that then she couldn't walk...and now she can!

So there's that. I did it! With captions and everything! Thanks Casey for a successful picture posting lesson, and for taking these beautiful pictures of our little girl.


Erin said...

Four words: A DOR A BLE!!!

Ashley M said...

How precious! So glad you posted pictures! Y'all are just too cute!


Casey said...

I found your blog through Erin's... wow, your daughter is the cutest thing ever!!! She is beautuiful!!! Welcome back to the blog world...

Jenny said...

Oh, my goodness! Even though I do not know you I have to comment because I have the exact same blog title as you. I myself, after a couple of years of reading and commenting on friends blogs, and trying (ever so briefly) a my space spot, finally created my first blog page on Aug 27, 2007. So when I go to see how my blog comes up on google by just doing a plain search your blog is listed with the exact scripture i posted on mine. so, being curious I went to your blog and find coincidentally (or not) that you too are from Texas!, you also have a dear little one, and you know the Lord. So just in case you are curious yourself please peruse my blog (with no posts yet) and comment as you like. I also hope to keep a written record of life out in the country with my sweet little ones.
And an aside, I went to the Rose Emporium a couple of years ago and it was very lovely. Your pictures are precious and Braelyn is a beautiful little girl. God's Blessings to you! Jenny

Morgan said...

too cute! i love her eyes! i'm glad you started your blog again!