Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sacred Parenting: Chapter 4: Seizing Heaven

This was a great chapter, but nothing I feel like I need to elaborate on. The subject of this chapter was how "raising children teaches us to listen to God."  It didn't really provide any new insight per se, but it was a great reminder. I always need to be reminded to do more listening and less talking in my conversations with the Lord. 

I'll share a few good quotes and then tell you a little story about this chapter.

"I stopped trying to run things the way I wanted many years ago. I started listening to God and letting Him have his way n everything. If men like you did that, you would find the answers, instead of spending your lives beaten by the problems that you yourselves create." ~ Frank Buchman can you add to that! 

"It is inconceivable to think that God would give us so much to do that we can no longer spend extended time with Him." ~ Gordon Smith

"If we ask our Heavenly Father - and just as important, patiently wait for an answer - God will often tip us off to what is really going on in our kids' hearts. My own insecurities and immaturity usually prompt me to focus on things in my kids that God could care less about while neglecting the very things God is most concerned about. For me, listening has provided vital corrections."

"Because listening is an active choice of love, it's greatest enemies are apathy and busyness."

So, I had finished this chapter several days ago, before "The Quest." Like I said, it was a good reminder, and so the idea of listening to God was more on my mind. Well, the day that I had my crisis of conscience over the shopping spree, I sat down and began writing this prayer: Lord, I want to learn to listen. I do so much talking..." There I stopped, and the tears began. Here I was, asking God to help me to listen to Him, when clearly He had been trying to speak to me all morning and all I wanted to do was ignore Him! I want to be a listener of God, and God speaks, and I ignore Him! Classic! Needless to say, I got more than one lesson on that tearful day. For my good and His glory! Amen.

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