Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 5

Many a day ago now, I found my little name at the bottom of a Top 5 Blog tag. I'm finally gettin' to it. Here we go.

1. 5 things under $5 that I cannot live without:
* Large Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic (although, I have attempted to live without it a number of times)
* Neutrogena Daily Moisturizer with Sunblock
* Neutrogena Light Night Cream (If anyone knows about a better night cream, especially for eyes, let me know! I'm neurotic about wrinkle prevention! I have also recently - after my 28th birthday - given up sleeping and smiling. Apparently those things cause wrinkles. I haven't been real successful yet, but I know with a little perseverance, I can do it!)
* This week I found that I cannot live without hummus! It was an appetizer at the HaMoreh dinner, and then while we shopped for our stay at the lake house I picked up a tub. It is so delicious and now I will never be without it!
* Grande/Half-Caf/Two-Pump/Iced White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.

2. 5 Favorite Movies:
* Pride&Prejudice
* Little Women
* Empire of the Sun
* Breakfast at Tiffany's
* Moulin Rouge

3. 5 baby names I love:
* Braelyn Nicole(of course)
* Caleb Campbell
* Audrey Elizabeth
* Anna Belle
* Ruby (Leave me alone...I love it!)

4. 5 song I could listen to over and over:
* White Horse and a Cherry Tree (not sure if that's the title)
* Your Song (by Elton John, also on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack)
* That song that's out right now about crinkling my nose and tickling my toes, or something like that...I really like it.
* The Boat song from Once
* The new David Cook single...whenever it comes out, that is :) Give it up for D.C.!!!!!!!!!
(Phew! that was a tough one. I'm not a huge music person. I like older music usually.)

5. 5 people who have influenced me in a positive way, although there are a lot more:
* Casey Cease
* Mom
* Dad
* The Brace's
* The Vaughn's (This couple really showed us that being a Christian was more than just going to church.)

6. 5 things that are always in my purse/diaper bag:
* Wallet
* Wipes
* Lip Gloss
* Phone
* Something that will keep Braelyn happy in a crisis

7. 5 Moments that have changed my life forever:
* Becoming a Christian
* Marrying Casey
* Having Braelyn
* Going to London
* Moving to Brenham

8. 5 obsessions I have now:
* Reading!
* Um...blogging
* My shows...and watching them with my peeps! (AI, LOST, The Office)
* Walking
* As of this week, kicking my husband's rear end at Scrabble!!!!!
and, I can't leave out
* Preventing wrinkles
* Fresh flowers :)

9. 5 places I would like to go: (like there's only 5...ha!)
* Italy
* France
* Germany (OK, pretty much anywhere in Europe)
* Boston
* New York

10. 5 appliances or kitchen tools I cannot live without:
* Ol' mixer! :)
* the microwave
* Does it have to be in the kitchen? Cause in that case, my hair dryer
* DVR!!!
* The baby monitor!!!

Alright, that's me. Consider yourself tagged, especially Erin, whose little name was also on that list! Go Cutshall!!!!!

And I've got a special post comin' up...keep your eye out!


annette said...

Stephanie, as I am sitting at my desk on hold, this post made me laugh.

Have a safe & happy Memorial Weekend.

monique said...

I'd like to hear more about preventing wrinkles. . . PLEASE!!

Jenny said...

Hello Steph, well I had to do the Top 5 on my blog just for a quick jump start. I hope you are enjoying Jane Eyre. OH, my it is a wonderful read with such surprising reverence and love for the Lord in it.

Erica said...

Your future children are very lucky because as long as you stick to that list they are all going to have very beautiful names :]