Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogging: D-

I am quickly approaching blogging failure. I'm so ashamed. I've been wanting to blog, but, I don't know...the words just aren't coming these days. Also, my whole family has been sick. Braelyn was throwing up last week, and then Casey and I got some crazy nazi version of it that just won't quit. I have had this nagging nausea since Sunday night. Tomorrow, if I still feel nauseous, I will simply refuse to acknowledge it. Or I'll start telling people I am pregnant because that is the only legitimate reason a person should be nauseous for this long. (No...I am not pregnant. Yes, I'm sure!) ;)

Anyways, tomorrow I leave for Sugar Land. We have 2 objectives. 1. To buy my daughter a princess dress. We were at a friend's house tonight, who's daughter has a fabulous dress-up collection, and it took Braelyn no time at all to develop a deep attachment to the pink, ruffled, sparkled, laced princess dress. She was quite a big girl when she finally had to take it off, however, when we got home she went straight to her room and started looking for her princess dress. (Um...she doesn't have a princess dress.) Surprisingly, we she couldn't find her princess dress (um...because she doesn't have one)...ballistic! Oh, the tears. The drama...on the floor. Pure, unashamed heartache. Over the fact that the dress was missing or the fact that her parents are so negligent as to not have provided her with a princess dress, I'm not sure. Either way, she was quite unhappy. So tomorrow...princess dress shopping...because she looked so cute twirling around, and because every girl really should have a princess dress. ;)

As for objective 2 and the REAL reason we are making are way to "town," it's my grandma's 80th birthday! Lots of family and food. Unfortunately, Casey will not be with us, but my brother will be there, so I am looking forward to some QT with him. (I wonder if he like princess dress shopping?)

All this to say, I know I haven't blogged, and I probably won't be able to blog for the next couple of days, but I'll try to get back to some good C+ blogging when we get back. No promises though.


Abbasgirl said...

Remember the crown, accessories make the outfit and no self respecting princess would appear before her subjects without a crown!

Happy b-day to your grandmother.

Maybe you should buy Braelyn a tutu as well...not that I am biased toward tutus...

Hope you and Casey wake up refreshed and feeling great today.

The Kramer Family said...

I'm totally with you. I've been experiencing a bad case of "blogger's block". I feel like I have nothing interesting going on in my life, but I know that can't be true.

A princess dress is a must! The Disney Store has the most fabulous princess dresses. They last forever too because they are made so well.

Have a great week!

Jenny said...

You find that princess dress, hopefully get over your nausea, and blog whenever you can. Take it from a lapsed blogger who daily finds a way to read, do what you can and know that when you do blog it is a treat for your friends and readers. You know I saw some awesome tutu's at a craft shop and thought I would give it a try: .