Saturday, January 3, 2009

So This Was Christmas - Part 2

Christmas Day:

What kid doesn't love a wagon, let alone one that's called The Excursion!?!
Gasp! These are stunning!It was a merry Christmas for Casey, as well!After Christmas morning at Meme & Papa's and Christmas afternoon At Nonnie & Boppy's, we returned to Meme & Papa's for Christmas dinner. When we walked in, Braelyn found the first piece of carpet she could find and was D-O-N-E! She completely fell apart when we tried to move her. The only thing that could peel her Christmas overdosed body off the floor was a Barbie Princess movie. So, while my family ate a delicious Christmas meal, my daughter was in the other room watching the Barbie Princess Swan Lake movie. (Braelyn is head over heels for all things Barbie, Princess and pink!) I think she needed a good hour to just zone out! (I don't blame her! :)

After we ate, and after I managed to get Braelyn to eat a little something, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was one of my favorite Christmas moments.Finally, to end the night, my family took a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights and put some miles on that Excursion!I'm not sure why my brother doesn't have a shirt on. :)

A couple days after Christmas we returned to Brenham, and a couple days after that we had a fun little dinner party with some our our closest friends, a group I affectionately call the C-Squad (because all of our last names start with C).

My favorite pic of the night...Mary Evyn and Braelyn. Such sweet friends!
Before I close out my Christmas blogging, I thought I'd finish with a couple of my favorite Christmas things from this year.

My Christmas Card door:
And our completed Advent calendar. Although, my suspicions about a missing Joseph were correct. We have no Joseph. A shepherd is standing in. Braelyn and I had such a good time with this. She still asks if we can do the calendar, so I don't think she totally got the whole idea, but she understood that it was Jesus' birthday, that He is what we anticipate, He is what we celebrate. That makes me happy in my heart!

There. All done.


Abba's Girl said...

Great pics...I used to do a card door...your pictures brought back Christmas memories from early in my marriage.

Now I hang ribbons vertically and tack the cards to them. I hang them on doors. Some years I make beautiful bows and attach them to the top of the ribbons, this year I was too lazy to make great bows...

Christmas ends tomorrow...the 12th one last time until Dec. Merry Christmas.

xoxo Annette

Brandi said...

that advent calendar is cute! where did you find it?

although they do sort of remind me of southpark characters.

Jenny said...

Thank you Steph for the info on the kitchen. Your Christmas Card door is awesome. I love the sending and receiving of Christmas Cards. Something that wonderful e-mail just can't replace.

monique said...

What a great family Christmas. I too will totally steal the card door idea!

mandi said...

oh the holiday melt down. i have a great pic of that happening over here too!

looks like you guys had a wonderful christmas. i look forward to casey's first concert!

Sara Triana said...

I cannot believe how fast Braelyn is growing up! She is so lovely. Your Christmas pictures are so nice. I hope you are doing great. Have a wonderful 2009!