Tuesday, January 13, 2009

These Days...The Lord has Made Them!

Geez! It's been a while hasn't it? Sorry. I've been wanting to blog, but a lot has been going on. Last week, Casey completed an I-term. He spent the week in Sugar Land and knocked out a 3 hour course. It also happened to be our anniversary so Braelyn and I joined him for a few of the days...nights, I should say. Once the 3 of us were back at home, a new project lay before us. Church. Saturday morning my mom came up to Brenham to watch Braelyn, while Casey and I first tackled the catastrophe in our own home office, and second, preparing the building at 1302 Washington for Sunday worship. That's right. Christ Church grew up a little this week. We are no longer tenants in someone else's building, we have a space of our own. (Not that space is anything in itself, but now we are a little freer to be available, to serve, to give and to grow.)

Before Christ Church:
And now:The Nursery:Sunday, January 11, 2009
Our 1st Sunday Morning Service:

It was such a beautiful day for us. I could not (I cannot!) stop thinking of my God as the Redeemer, the God who makes all things new and beautiful. There is still much to be done, but for now, the members of Christ Church can marvel at God's generosity, His provision, His kindness. We can rejoice that we are privileged enough to participate in the work of the Great Redeemer.

Monday morning, Casey and I packed our bags once more, for a mini anniversary get-away. (8 years by the way!) We dropped Braelyn at Nonnie's and Casey and I traveled all the way to H-Town! We're just taking 2 days to reconnect, recharge, and revisit some of our favorite places in Houston.
Here we are, at the Intercontinental Hotel. It is perfect! You should read what Casey has to say about it ;).
Yesterday, Casey pampered me with a little shopping. It was supposed to be a day for BOTH of us to update our wardrobes a bit, but somehow I ended up with all the shopping bags. He spoils me. Can I just say, in a moment of honesty and confession...I love shopping! I love how my new brick red scarf makes me feel lovely and how a pair of perfectly-fitting trouser jeans and my yellow shoes puts a little pep in my step. (Perfectly-fitting jeans are a rare luxury in my life. Just FYI- no less than 7 inches were removed from the length before I could qualify these as a pair of proper fitting jeans.) I digress. But seriously...like 7 inches!

For the past few hours, Casey and I have been enjoying good books, good food and good drink at our favorite cafe, Brasil's.(Yes, I am STILL reading Portrait of a Lady! And, yes, that is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on the table. We Ceases are about to shape up our finances. More on that later.)

I think we're about to wrap up here. On the agenda for today...a little more shopping, possibly a museum (I'm thinking the MOFA or the BodyWorks exhibition), maybe walking around Discovery Park, for sure...more eating! :) I'll let you know what transpires. To be honest I don't really care. I am enjoying time with my husband. I am happy to be sharing the day with him. It is another beautiful day. What a God I serve!


Cynthia said...

So wonderful Steph. What a great idea. I think we might be following suit when we can leave Ethan for a night or two. Houston is a fun place, if you don't live there. :)

Erin said...

The church looks great! Do I see gray hair in the pews! Wow! Hope it went well. Did y'all go to The Grove? I'd love to get a review! have fun!

Abba's Girl said...

Congrats on your wedding anniv and the church!

God is sooooo good - all the time.

Love, Annette

mandi said...

cafe brasil's! how i miss thee!

i'm glad you guys are having some time together...lovely

Caryn said...

Happy 8th Anniversary!!!

Praise the Lord for your new church building!