Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, It's About Time!

Last Tuesday, the fam went to the Blue Bell factory for the first time!

(Braelyn is not pictured because she would not wear her Blue Bell paper cap. This photo was for paper cap wearers only!)

It doesn't get better than this, my friends! A day completely devoted to family and ice cream!
These girls have happy hearts!

Braelyn is never quite sure what to do when we try to take a picture of ourselves.
(This is one of the better ones.) Ahh! But we know what to do now, don't we?
Her flavor...PINK!

So we made to the factory in just under 2 years! Now we just have to take our family portrait in a blue bonnet field and we will officially be Brenhamites. (Hopefully we can get someone to take that picture for us! ;)


mandi said...

oh guys beat us. we've yet to tour the factory! however, we would be happy to take your bluebonnet pics, because we are pros at that. john finds out the 'best spot' every year and we're off!
btw- i totally feel braelynn's inability to take good pictures at an arms length. my sis always tries to get me to take pics like that and i end up looking really freakish.

Erin said...

yes, Evy always goes for the pink, too, until she finds out that it's strawberry and even worse if it actually has strawberry bits in it! Then she goes for the chocolate - that's my girl!
Looks like so much fun! Yea for family day and ice cream!

Erica said...

Haha, John and I just drove by some bluebonnets last week and I told him we had to take our picture in them! We were going to last year but never got around to it. Maybe we could have a trade-off photography session :]

Glad yall had fun at Blue Bell! And I'm proud of you and Casey for not being paper hat party poopers :]

Abba's Girl said...

I am so old I rode the train from Houston to Brenham at the age of 8 to tour the factory...they did not give us paper hats to wear w/ our Blue Bird uniforms.

monique said...

Yes, its about time!!! Looks like a delicious day.

Caryn said...

Ohhhhhh how we miss Blue Bell ice cream! Nothing up here can compare!