Saturday, August 15, 2009

Backing Up a Bit

This post is several weeks late, but I just have to post some pics of our family vacation to the beach. Casey and I spent the first few days by ourselves, and then Braelyn joined us for the second half. I highly recommend this system! :)

The va-cay kick-off picture. I can still remember the glorious, audible exhale that says, "Let the relaxation begin!"

A friend posted an Ike Line picture on her blog and I could hardly believe my eyes. Seeing it in person is even more shocking. It's amazing that there's anything on that island at all. Needless to say...I had to get my own Ike Line photo.

Definitely a vacation highlight...our couples massage. Heaven!

Casey and I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday at the beach by ourselves. I got a few pictures, but um...beach pictures...not so flattering. We'll just keep those to ourselves.
Wednesday evening, Braelyn joined us and we spent Thursday at the beach again. Sadly, my camera battery died so I have no pictures to show you, flattering or otherwise. Such a bummer.

Thursday evening we ate dinner and walked around the Strand.

At the oh-so-yummy Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. A Galveston must.

Chocolate covered marshmallow stick.

Quality family time and bellies full of chocolate. Don't get much better than that!

Just look at that sunshine!

Before we left town, we made one more stop at the Moody Gardens Aquarium. Very fun.

Braelyn and I in the shark cage.

Braelyn is proving to be a very handy photographer!

So there it is. We had such a wonderful time.
Thanks Case, for giving us these happy memories! I love you!


Erin said...

...and sunburns to boot! ouch! Looks like fun!

mandi said...

oh my gosh- you're so red!

glad you guys had so much fun. we're kinda hurting for a galveston fix...

Erica said...

Awww, B IS a good photographer! I was so relieved when Rebecca learned to take pictures of things besides her own fingers :] Glad yall had fun!