Monday, August 24, 2009

Shaping, Cleaning, Gearing...UP

So, the world is back at school and back on routines and sack lunches and vows of indefinite organization and reasonable bedtimes and all things responsible and respectable. The Ceases are no exception.

Since Casey moved into the new office, our household is definitely catching on to a cleaner rhythm. For starters, I am much more aware of when it's 4:00 and that in about an hour I'm going to lose my mind. Just kidding...sort of. But honestly, our house does seem to be running smoother, which I like. Casey can be at work and actually BE at work. No more talking on the phone while playing Tea Party. In addition, when Casey gets home, he can BE at home. No more touching up websites while watching an episode of Project Runway. Now he can watch it with his undivided attention, which is exactly what his little heart had been desiring. ;)

Our home is also running better because more things in the house that were once homeless now have a home in the new work room. You have no idea how happy this little space makes me...well, maybe you do. If I didn't have this little room, where would Braelyn's school stuff go? Where would my gardening stuff go? Where would my sewing stuff be, but in a little corner in the dinning room, so sad and unloved and underused? Indeed, this room is bringing organization and focus to our lives. Although, we pray that it will soon be a nursery, so I do struggle a bit with the thought that all our things will return to homelessness, but then I will have a baby and who will care about a homeless scissor? Not I.

Braelyn starts school on Thursday. She'll go Thursdays and Fridays, from 8:30-11:30. We're both very excited. After she met the teacher last Friday, she threw a right, proper fit when I would not allow her to sleep at her school. So we have joined the club of over-sized Dora backpacks and laminated name tags and closed-toed shoes. I don't know if I mentioned this before on here, but we are also tossing around the idea of homeschooling. I agonize over this issue, my friends. A-GON-IZE! I loved school. I wish I could go back to school and redo all the parts that I was too busy passing notes, but I suppose that that's part of what I loved. Anyways, I want Braelyn to enjoy meeting new friends and learning from great teachers and learning things like math, which may not actually be offered at the Cease academy. On the other hand, I love the idea of teaching her and taking her on field trips and learning about the plant life cycle as we spend time in our own garden. In my dream of dreams, I would like a private school-homeschool hybrid which does exist but, not in these parts...which I am sure is quite shocking to you. All this rambling to say...for now, we will have an unofficial private school-homeschool hybrid situation happening in our house. Monday and Tuesday Braelyn and I will spend a couple hours in the morning learning together...reading, gardening, sorting, crafting, whatever. Then Wednesday we have storytime at the Library which is fabulous and then, of course the private school portion on Thursday and Friday. I have two years to work with this system and then we enter everyday Kindergarten. So I figure, somebody has 2 full years to build a Logos campus here in Brenham. Better get going, whoever you are!!! Ah well...we'll figure it out I suppose.

One thing in our new schedule that I don't have completely figured out yet, is how exactly I am going to spend my time when Braelyn is at school. First thoughts....Thursday - deep clean the house. Not super fun, but worth considering. For Friday, I'm thinking - Starbucks and a book. Ahhhh...yes, I think that's it. ;)

So, we Ceases are shaping up, cleaning up, gearing hopes of a life lived with intentionality. The three of us, I hope, will learn the beautiful marriage of discipline and freedom, routine and spontaneity, responsibility and responding to the invitation of priceless moments. Here's to trying.


Abba's Girl said...

The Lord will give you wisdom and discernment concerning school.

I too am back to blogging, grief has abated somewhat, I know it comes in waves and know there are more waves to come.

Love catching up with the Cease happenings.

Love, Mrs Annette

Erin said...

You are SUCH a good writer!! Really! The first paragraph alone!
Anyways, thanks for the catch up! I feel the organization even from here! Yea for routines!

mandi said...

'the marriage of discipline and freedom'. i like that. we're in the thick of it too. learning a new rhythm with a more structured homeschool routine.

Cynthia said...

Do I hear a new Transform Ministries venture in the making? :)

Mommy, M.D. said...

sorry to burst your bubble sweet friend, but you have one year. daily school starts at four year olds. better borrow some more homeschool books...

Steph said...

yes, yes...i know St. Paul's goes to everyday next year, but there is another school in town that has 3-day preschool for 4-year olds that we are considering....but I just wasn't going to announce going to another school before we have even started at this one. ;)

Jenny said...

I have been wondering the homeschool thing too. I enjoyed the public schools I went to too. But I have talked to a few homeschoolers and understand it more if I was homeschooling more than one child. We are so isolated in the boonies of Clifton, TX as it is. WHat exactly do you and Braelyn do on Mondays and Tuesdays--schedule wise I mean? I have no set schedule with Sophia as we do a lot of errands for her two older sisters and family from time to time. Thanks. Braelyn looks so adorable and confident on her first day. You should be proud.