Friday, October 16, 2009

Couple Things

1. Yesterday, Casey and I had our first appointment with a fertility specialist. We waited for over a month to get in to see her, and as I suspected, met with her only to do a little more waiting. All that was really accomplished yesterday was initial introductions, agreeing that there's a problem and that we need to take some blood tests and such. They took a few samples yesterday, but some I can't take for another two weeks and then it will be two weeks after that until they get the results in. Sigh...waiting. So that's where we are with that.

2. I have about 12 more pages of Through the Looking Glass, and then... begins.
3. For a fun, toddler-friendly (but good for older kiddos too) fall craft, try this one. Braelyn and I had a blast doing this craft over several days. Creating art with nature, drawing with glue, blending colors, painting outside the lines....all good fun!


Cynthia said...

Thanks for the update - I was thinking about you two the other day. And, yeah, Harry Potter!! Finally!!

Erin said...

Ummm...that was actually three and a couple, by definition, is two. But I'll let it slide because I love you and I love your writing!
Harry Potter? You, too?! Hey, did you see the post on Grosgrain of those Alice in Wonderland costumes! Oh. my. word.

Jenny said...

Hello Steph, How's about I join you in your Harry Potter reading? Lately I have been reading a very lovely but slow English novel by Elizabeth Gaskell and I want to stick with the "English" theme but some Harry Potter would liven things up a bit. I have truly thought the movies have had some awesome storytelling. And as for the craft--so pretty. Again I am a copycat cause I have to head to the Hobby Lobby to get my supplies for some sweet banner making. Thanks for the update.

mandi said...

oh good! an update- i've been wondering about your appt.
harry potter...that boy be givin' me nightmares. i read up to 5 1/2 and then had to stop.
love the craft!

now i'm heading over to grosgrain to check out the alice in wonderland costumes...

Alicia said...

The Harry Potter series ROCKS! Noah and I are reading them right now. Almost done with book 4! (bought the boxed set) Enjoy!