Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedding Weekend

This was the weekend we had 2 weddings. Casey preached at the first wedding here in Brenham, and then we packed our stuff and headed to Galveston for the second.
Some pics:

The wedding #2 at The Hotel Galvez.

Dancin' with daddy

Look at those beautiful gals! My mom and B.

Me and the hubs. I heart him.

My sweet B

So here's the dress...modeled with pigeon-toes and all. (Learned that from a Mrs. Heidi Klum.) You can go here to see what it's supposed to look like. I left my crazy legs at home along with my cashmere beret. CanNOT forget those next time!

A close up of the big ruffle's kinda hard to see in this picture.

The shoes...modeled by Braelyn
It was a super fun day. Braelyn has decided that she LOVES weddings. Dressing up, dancing, cake...what could be better than that?!


mandi said...

fun! the dress is great- and i love the ruffle shoes!

b looks so sweet- her dress is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Super cute!

Julie Forman said...

I love it! You are no longer ensemble completion challenged!! Looks awesome!

Abba's Girl said...

I thought possibly I taught you 1 thing all those years ago - turn out from the hips, young lady!