Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Birthday Riddle

What birthday girl has....
two thumbs,
the most awesome friends EVER,
and a nose ring?

Can you see it?

Here's a closer look.
See. Just teensy and cute.

Is this an act of rebellion against aging, you ask?

It is nothing of the sort

And frankly, I resent your implication!

More pics to come soon.
Thanks Casey and friends for makin' my 30th birthday ROCK!


Abba's Girl said...

Please e-mail your new address.

Last week, I told a friend it was time to pretend I was moving and be brutal about donating the excess items and trashing what needed to be trashed. I think there is physical and spiritual freedom in it.

Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Love, love, love you! ><>

Casey Cease said...

You look beautiful!

Gabriele said...

I love it! And I love your sassyness! We miss you guys!

Jenny said...

You thumbs quote reminds me of The Office: what has two thumbs and love The Office..this girl! Cute nose stud and happy birthday girl.

Robin Brient said...

You are the coolest ever! You would fit in perfectly here you little hipster! Miss you guys so much! Praying for a great time at the Acts 29 conference for you two! We got to go to one out here Saturday that was INCREDIBLE! <3

Alicia said...

Hopefully when you get tired of it, you won't have a lovely scar like I do on my eyebrow from my eybrow ring and on my belly button!! Ugh...

Cynthia said...

Yeah you did it!!!! It is perfect!

mandi said...

whoa! looks like i missed a serious party!

you look super cute : )

Erica said...

So much fun! You look awesome :] Love you!

Morgan said...

Wow! Did it hurt?? It suits you well!!

Caryn said...

Wow, how cool! Happy Big 3-0!