Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inhale then Exhale. Repeat.

As of the last few days, I am having to remind myself to keep breathing. Things have been CRAZY here.

We spent all of last week in Magnolia. Then, we drove to San Antonio for my brother's college graduation.
See. We're so proud.

Sometime before we left for San Antonio, we got a call that someone was interested in leasing our house. Okay. Great.

Then, sometime while we were in San Antonio, we got a call that the family wanted our house and needed to be in by in tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are in San Antonio having fun...trying not to think about the fact that we are about to pack up our entire life in about three days AND consolidate to apartment-size living. Inhale and exhale.

See...we're having fun!
(We actually were having a great time. My parents kept Braelyn, so Casey and I got a few fun night out on the River Walk. What a blessing!)

By Sunday...the lease and the move seemed certain.

We drove home to Brenham on Monday. Casey met with the family to work out an agreement and we found out that this deal is not as certain as we thought. Apparently, there was another house they were interested in AND even if they did want our house we wouldn't have to be out until the end of May. Feelings at this point: A little frustrated that a certain deal is no longer certain, but relieved that I don't have to move in three days. Packing aside...I really wasn't prepared emotionally to leave this place I love so quickly. So, I am thankful for the extra time.

Since Monday, we've been waiting to hear one way or the other if this family wants to lease our house. While we wait, we have been preparing for a moving sale that we are having Thursday and Friday morning. If they do decide that they want to lease our house, we will move out next week, because in two weeks Casey and I go to Denver for our Acts 29 assessment.

I am trying my darnedest not to be stressed. Trying to take it all in stride. And really, my mind doesn't feel that stressed. My body on the other rebelling against my no-stress policy. On Sunday especially, when the frantic moved seemed inevitable, I kept finding myself taking huge breaths, cause I guess my body felt that breathing regularly was just too much to handle under the circumstances. And yesterday, as we were sorting and cleaning, my back muscles were clenching for dear life. I wish my body would get the memo...WE ARE NOT STRESSED! We're getting a laugh out of this! Ha ha. Ha ha. ha. So funny.

Anyways, we're makin' it and we have lots of wonderful help. I'll let you know as soon as we know what is actually happening. :)'s time to clean out Braelyn's room...sorting stuff into keep and garage sale piles. I have a feeling that there's going to be a battle over every little furry friend and forgotten toy. She doesn't seem to love the idea of downsizing and decluttering as much as do. Sigh::: Better get to it!


Robin Brient said...

We will be praying that everything works out for you with the renters, and moving, and packing, etc!

Believe me, I know the feeling! Very overwhelming! If anyone can do it in a short amount of time, that would certainly have to be you!

Love you guys and miss you! Can't wait to hear about the Acts 29 conference! I am sure that will be a wonderful weekend!

mandi said...

lemme know how we can help.

i mean it!