Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I wish I had a collection of beautiful beach pictures to show you...the three of us running along the beach hand-in-hand, Braelyn building sand castles, our feet in the crystal clear blue water..but there are no such pictures. Because we never actually went to the the beach. Because there was a thunderstorm. every. single. day. :|

Seriously, there was not a single ray of sunshine the entire time we were in Florida. There were like 2 times when the rain stopped, at which point we threw Braelyn in the pool. (Not literally...she would hate that.) I'm sure we got in a good ten minutes each time, before it started raining again. There were some crazies who swam, rain, thunder, gray skies and all...but in my opinion, swimming is just not enjoyable unless you can feel the sunshine kissing your skin. Or burning your my case.

So what did we do, you ask. I don't really know. We took unnecessary trips to Starbucks. We loitered around Target and Barnes & Nobles. Braelyn watched an awful Surfer Barbie movie too many times. I finished Twilight.

The camp kids seemed to fare pretty well, considering the uncooperative weather. Casey did a great job speaking and as always, it was a pleasure working with Steven Miller and his band. They're a fun group.

I woke up Friday morning relieved that we were heading home. Casey finished up a morning worship session while B and I packed up. Casey returned with the unfortunate news that the whole band and many of the campers were very sick, probably from some of the hotel food they ate the night before. Well... I was thankin' Jesus for Casey's picky eating habits, cause he took one look at what was being served and said, "I'm not eating that. We'll grab something after the worship time." Phew. Dodged that bullet!

Or so I thought.

After a few flight delays, and more rain here in H-town we finally made it back to The Woodlands. Knowing there wasn't much in the fridge at home, we stopped at Buca de Peppo to share some spaghetti. We ate. We got home. Put B to bed. Put in an Alias (we are rewatching) before heading to bed ourselves.

Sure enough, while Ms. Bristow was kickin' some you-know-what, I noticed that my stomach was feeling a little funny. I didn't worry too much though, it's not that uncommon for my tummy to feel funny. So we watched one more episode to wait for the funniness to subside.

It did not subside. I got it. Whatever the campers and band members got...and it took me down, my friends. Down to the ground! I was up the whole night getting sick. It was so awful! SO SO AWFUL! I could cry right now just thinking about it. And even though I was done being sick at about 7:30 on Saturday morning, I was basically useless the whole rest of the day. In bed. Watching old movies. Reading New Moon. Drinking my Gatorade. Useless.

THANKFULLY, Casey and Braelyn seem to have escaped the terror of the food poisoning . I have decided that the culprit was the salad they served for dinner at the hotel. We didn't eat there Thursday night, but we did on Wednesday, and that was the only thing that I ate and they didn't. And...while we are appreciating the silver lining, I will also say that I was praising the God of the universe that I was able to be sick in the comfort of my own home. I think the campers and band members were not so lucky. I can't imagine being THAT sick while traveling...on a bus...with other people. Oh my word, I'm having a panic attack at the thought of it.

So yeah... that was our trip. I feel great now, though. Fit as a fiddle.


Alright, off to church.
Happy 4th of July!!!


Cynthia said...

I'm so sorry y'all didn't get to enjoy beautiful Destin! Food poisoning, in my opinion, is one of the worst sicknesses. I fear it. Just like people avoid the last alcohol that gave them a really bad hangover, I avoid the food. I probably will never eat a patty melt again in my life. :) I know avoiding salads is not an option!

I'm very glad you were home!

mandi said...

oh no! i was really hoping it would only be one or two days of rain. NOT THE WHOLE WEEK!!! and your food poisoning : (. that is the worst. the worst. i'm so glad you are feeling better my friend.