Monday, June 28, 2010

Shameful Summer Reading

I said I wouldn't do it...but...for the summer, I have decided to put down my beloved classics, along with all pride and dignity and pick up...

I know. Shameful.

And what's worse!...I'm hooked.

As for Florida...we are here and settled. Casey is about to preach, but as it is 9:30, Braelyn and I are in our room and in our jammies and looking forward to a week full of swimming and sand castle building and sunbathing and, um, maybe some light reading. Well, we hope our week is at least half-full of those things...we looked at the weather forecast and it seems there will be scattered thunderstorms all week. Brilliant.

At least you can read in any weather! ;)


Casey Cease said...

Now you've gone and done it... Witches and Vampires.... ;-)

Love you.


Lynnette said...

My friend got me Twilight for my bday back in 08 before all the big hype and I thought for sure it would be stupid but I ended up reading it on the plane home from Jersey and couldn't put it down. The whole series is a good read!!!

mandi said...

listen- a little rain never hurt anybody- at least your in florida, right?

and...i won't even comment about your book. if you can even CALL IT THAT!!! sheesh!

(i kid! what's the summer for if it isn't for light reading?)

Jenny said...

Twilight? Really? I hope y'all have a great time of refreshment. It is sister loves the Twilight series and has read them all (the first books she has read since high school and you and she are the same age)...I so enjoy Harry Potter movies and books..we don't understand one another's enjoyment of either. So tell me...what is the draw. I like that the author, Ms. Meyer, much like Ms. Rowling kind of came from out of nowhere with such drawn out characters, but what's up with it?

Morgan said...

Those books are sooo good! You won't be disappointed. They make the movies seem just so-so, though... enjoy!

Erica said...

Finally! ;]

andi said...

Steph...I'm hooked too!! I started reading Twilight, when I was pregnant and finished the whole series. They're so corny but for whatever reason, you can't put it down!! Enjoy!!