Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

Last Year (3 Years Old):
Yes....we were all smiles on the first day of school here, however, this smile did not return to her face until, oh, I don't know...December. Took her a while to warm up to the whole school thing.

Today (4 Years Old):
Now, despite her somber expression here, she was pretty excited to go to her new school. We met her teacher a few weeks ago when she came to visit us in our home. (That was good for about 3 happy Braelyn points.) Yesterday, we got to visit her classroom and meet most of the friends in her class. (Good for 5 happy Braelyn points.) We also got to meet, not just one, but the TWO class pets...Daisy the hamster, and Freddy the frog. (Good for a dozen happy Braelyn points!) So...Children of the Woodlands earned a lot of love before the big day, and it definitely paid off. She walked into her classroom brave as can be, and with not one tear.
When I picked her up this afternoon she was all smiles...ready to go back on Thursday. (That's good for about one hundred happy mom points! :) YEA!


Jenny said...

She is gettin' so big! Yay! for Braelyn, big yays for mom.

mandi said...

Oh! Good for her! I'm so glad she is happy this year!

Erica said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad her school year is off to a good start :]

Kelly Owen said...

So glad she's liking school! I do agree the woods has some great schools ;)

Abba's Girl said...

Will you be coming to Richmond any time soon?