Saturday, August 14, 2010

Veering from Normal

The Ceases have departed from normal yet again. Last week, Casey spoke at a conference in Bridge City, Tx (near Beaumont) and B and I tagged along. Not too much to report about that trip.

THIS week, however, Casey and I are at this beautiful resort in Phoenix, Arizona with our dear friends, Lee, Sarah and lil' Betsy. We got here late last night, so today was our first, real day.

::::Sigh:::: It's perfect! So, so perfect.
The official plan: Sleep. Swim. Read. Eat. Shop. (Sarah and I spotted and H&M on the way home from dinner tonight! It is on the agenda for Monday!!!! Excited about that.)

Some Day 1 Pics:

Getting the lay of the our new sun hats....we need protection from the hot Arizona sun (which I find quite enjoyable, btw. Didn't realize how miserable Houston is!)

At the pool. With iPods.

We ate dinner tonight at this FABULOUS Wine Cafe...Postino.
Super cool atmosphere. Delicious food. Plus...the Arizona Cardinals were playing the Texans, so I got to watch a little pre-season action on their TV. Texans lost. Grrr.

Amazing bruschetta.
I ordered the roasted peppers and goat cheese. Of course!

Lee, Casey, me, lil' Betsy and Sarah.
We are smiling because our bellies are so happy. And also because it's customary when taking a picture...but mostly because of the food. ;)
Can't wait for tomorrow!

BTW- This trip is a gift from the hubs for my 30th birthday.
He's a good man, that one.

(P.S. I finished reading the Twilight Saga and am happy to report that I am on to more respectable reading. But I have to was a darn good read, my friends. Not the way that bruschetta with roasted peppers and goat cheese is good, but the way that bagel bites are good. You know it's junk, but it's still kinda good. Just thought I'd let you know. :)


Morgan said...

Looks like fun!! Jealous about H&M! Oh- I am loving your hair! So long and pretty. I'm trying to grow mine out...

Robin Brient said...

You are one gorgeous lady my friend! Looks like you had a wonderful time! :) Glad you guys got to get away! Maybe we could set up a phone date soon?? Miss you!


Abba's Girl said...

Great pics. I love, love, love Phoenix but not in the summer.

xoxo Annette