Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Round Top Report

Round Top time again...where twice a year the heavens open up and God showers love on women by giving them precious friends, giant cups of a tea-lemonade combo, gorgeous weather and tents and tents of beautifully loved-on items from a time gone by. It is my favorite place on earth and this fall show did not disappoint!

Here's some pics:

Erica & me...with said delicious Arnold Palmer...the first of two.

The gals...Sarah, Brandi, Erica & her lil' sis Alex

Test driving a set of patio chairs I had my eye on. Yup...feels just about right!

Sarah, Becca & Baby Stella

The last girls standing...Sarah and I finished up at Warrenton around 6pm. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Here's what came home with me:

The patio chairs and little white table, which I originally purchased to go inside, but I think it's just perfect out here.

I went this season looking for a little table to go beside this chair so that those having a sit had somewhere to set their drink. First, I found the white metal one, but later in the day, I found this little wooden table. So, I grab this guy up for $25, decided the metal one could go outside. I think I'm gonna paint it. What do you think? Red? Or maybe a lighter version of the blanket color?

Finally, just a wire basket for blankets. (I am ALWAYS freezing in our apartment!) I think I'm gonna sew a linen or burlap cover to fit the inside.

And there's that. :)


Alex & Tonya said...

I love the little wooden table. I think it would look great in that blue color!!

You may have to teach me the roundtop ways...

mandi said...

cute cute cute!
i'm sad i didn't go with you guys : (.

Erica said...

The chairs were definitely a good choice :) and that other little table is so cute too!

March 30-31/April 1-2. Mark your calendar!!! :)

Erica said...

P.S. The picture of you test-driving your new chair is very profile pic worthy for facebook. Just saying... ;]

Abba's Girl said...

Great pics, glad you came home with treasures. Paint the table in the same colour family as the blanket.

xoxo Annette

Jenny said...

ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I so missed Round Top this year. Man. And I missed the opportunity to see Corey Amaro with French Hubby in tow...did you happen to stop by her friend's stall at Marburger? How fabulously fun that you made it the whole day amongst the treasures and found such finds yourself...you always do. I will hope to venture to the RT in the Spring...see ya there?