Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I Were on Twitter Tuesday

My Tuesday Tweet:

2010 Halloween Costumes:
Braelyn - Sleeping Beauty
Steph - Queen of Hearts (Thanks to a red bridesmaids dress)
Casey - Uncertain (My vote...Fred Flintstone. Alternative ideas welcome.)


Anonymous said...

I say y'all be Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles!!!

Noelle Gonzalez said...

Well of course Casey has got to be someone Disney. If you have sleeping beauty and the queen of hearts, Have him be Woody from toy story, or Gaston, or Peter Pan (Priceless pictures of green tights), or your typical native American... The possibilities are endless.


Steph said...

yes...the Mad Hatter is also on the short list.

Steph said...

And...I would have LOVED to be the whole Flintstones Family, but there's a certain princess in the family that would hear nothing of it. Maybe by next year we'll be out of the princess phase. Ya think? Is there any hope of that?

Erica said...

Growing out of a princess phase?! I wouldn't hold your breath ;]

mandi said...

Yes! The Mad Hatter!

Can I just say that I'm so so sad that you guys won't be making the nursing home trip with us this year. : ( Remember the time the lady ate Braelyn's chocolate- with the wrapper still on? I can still see B's face in my mind!