Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Making of a Stage Mom

Okay, under normal circumstances I would resist any urge to display stage mother tendencies. But when my daughter is rocking my face off with her awesome dance moves...well, I don't know what I am expected to do!?

So at the beginning of the year, when her class would perform the Thanksgiving dance or the Christmas dance for the parents, Braelyn would have nothing of it.

Just one semester later, she is smiling and shakin' and showin' that dance who's boss. Seriously, she works it!
Performing her recital dance for the parents:


So you think you can dance?
Well her mama sure do!

Yesterday was her last class, so we grabbed a picture with her super sweet teacher, Miss Carol. She was the best! Just what B needed. She never pushed, but just let Braelyn do what she felt comfortable with. So grateful for that!
Braelyn's big recital is this Saturday! I can't wait.
I am so so proud of her and it's been a blast seeing her come out of her shell.

Before she was saying that she didn't want to do dance again, but yesterday said that she did want to try it for another year, which I am tickled pink about.

So for the future and for your own peace of mind, here are my stage mom ground rules:
1. This stage mom will not put her dancer on a diet.
2. This stage mom will not be rude to other moms or dancers.
3. This stage mom will not demand that her dancer be front and center in every performance. (Just most performances.) (Kidding! ;)
4. This stage mom will never botox her daughter's face to hide nonexistent wrinkles!
5. This stage mom will not yell at or scold her dancer for missing a step.
6. This stage mom will not make her dancer continue dancing should she decide to try something else.
7. This stage mom will cheer vigorously for her daughter and tell her she's awesome.
8. This stage mom will likely shed tears of joy at all performances.
9. This stage mom will love and encourage her dancer for who she is and not just for what she does.
10. This stage mom will likely take lots of pictures and brag about her dancer on the blog just a bit. Sorry. That's what stage moms do. It cannot be helped.


Erin said...

Yay for B!! Yes, she looks totally sassy!! (In that good, showbiz-y way). Aw, so happy she's enjoying the whole experience!

mandi said...

Oh my gosh Steph! That second to last picture kills! Way to go B!!!

Erica said...

I think this just might be my favorite blog post ever. :] And those pictures are PRECIOUS!!! She's getting so grown up! What a sassy pants :]

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what my mom did with my rodeo events. Even if I knocked or scratched during my events, she was the first to tell me she was proud of me (at around 1am on a monday morning in the summers) when I was competing. I will just say that having her there for encouragement throughout my life made a huge difference. As a still fairly young daughter, I highly approve of your list!

Caryn said...

Very cute pics!