Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Project 1

Our Closet.

Before: Ugh!

Hangers in a tangly mess. Instant anxiety attack.

OMG! I am losing my mind!
Look at that hanger!!!!!!

After: Ahhhhhh!

Yes...that's better.

Oh...there's my mind! Found it!

Winter is put away.
Clothes we don't wear are bagged and ready for Goodwill.
Clothes we do wear are hung up in an orderly fashion.
Shoes are organized.
Hangers are untangled.

It feels good.
Except for the $150 worth of dry cleaning that has piled up that I was avoiding before today. Besides that it feels real good.

Next project...I gotta couple of junk drawers to tackle.
Who's with me?!
It's fun if we do it together, right?!
We love it!

(Okay, well, we love it when it's done! Yea!)


Robin Brient said...

Ok, I have to say I was panicking a little on the before pictures! but the afters look amazing! Haha!! It was sooooo good to see you guys last weekend! :)

mandi said...

Does having big closets blow your mind after living in your little old brenham house? I saw that closet and I was like "WOW!!!". Even the before shot- I was impressed! : )