Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Long Summer! (just a picture post)


Braelyn's 6th Birthday Party. Another gymnastics party.

Acts29 Pastors' Retreat in Newport Beach, California.

The lovely Brandi Hyde and me in the back of our 4-passenger bicycle.
A very funny afternoon.
I think, between us and the Hydes, we managed to quote every line of Arrested Development at some point during our trip.  So fun!

 And our gender reveal party!!!!!!
It's a GIRL!!!!!!!
Abigail Anne Cease...coming this November!


Playin' at the beach in Florida. (Casey was speaking at beach camp ;)

 Abby and I were also soaking up the sunshine.  Well, really me, more than her. ;)

So long summer!

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mandi said...

It's a girl!!! Oh how exciting!!!