Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thanks, Mom! And...Bringing Back an Old Post

Well folks, this is post is mostly for my mom. She took me birthday shopping today and our objective was some new pillows for the couch. Now that they're fluffed and propped up in their new home I wanted to show her how they turned out, so I'm posting this picture of my updated couch just for her. (If she had a smart phone, I would have just sent her a picture, but she doesn't all get to see. ;)

THANKS, MOM, for the pillows and such a fun day! I just love 'em! Once we get that back wall painted the blue color, I think it'll make the colors really pop.  I'm excited!

Also, while I'm here, I thought I'd put a link up to a post I wrote during the 2008 Olympics. Based on comments, it is my most popular post to date. Just a few observations that I made during those Olympics. It's funny to think the same things all over again this go 'round (especially about the male divers! Holy Cow! I really cannot get over how small those suits are!) If time permits, I'll try to add to my list, but in the's the link:  Olympic Thoughts.  If you started reading The Beautiful Meantime after 2008, go have a look...and I'd love to hear your comments and funny thoughts on the Olympics. ;)

K. Gotta Go...Gabby Douglas is rockin' the world's face off!

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