Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another New Recipe: Brunswick Stew

Unfortunately, there's nothing too exciting going on here in the Cease household, so all you get is another dinner blog. Today's new recipe: Brunswick Stew, also out of the October issue of Cooking Light. Casey's out traveling this week, so I thought this Southern recipe would be a good one to try by myself. (My husband is not a big fan of vegetables in general, and specifically detests lima beans...and this recipe's gotta lotta limas!)

Anyways, this was a pretty simple recipe, although I would change some things next time and maybe save it for a cooler day :). Taste test: a thumb and a half up...if you like limas that is!

What you see in there is chicken, red bell pepper, celery, onions, corn and LIMAS! It also has a little tomato paste, a little chicken stock, and a little Tabasco sauce, although I would change it to a lot of Tabasco sauce! It was pretty good. I'm glad I gave the Brunswick Stew a try.

Alright, well, that's all I got today. Since Casey's out of town, I'm gonna go spend a little time with Tolstoy. Good Night!


Cynthia said...

Mmmm that looks tasty. I have been really pondering what to make Friday night in lieu of Casey's general dislike for veggies - I think I've found a winner to please all.

Steph said...

Do not plan your menu around Casey! A) He's been better about eating some vegetables (there was just way too many in that stew) and B) He's excellent at eating around the veggies! So you serve all the veggies you want! Can't wait to see you guys!

shauna maness said...

yummy, yummy! hey steph! remember when we randomly saw each other in old navy and i told you i had friends that were farmers in bren. that were really cool people... that would be jason and lynsey at yonderway farm... they are too great- you should meet them!!
i hope life is grand for the cease fam!!
i am coming home in nov, planning to visit yonderway farm- we should all hang out!