Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Braelyn: Part 2

Alright, well I hope you'll allow me to continue in my shameless mommy moment. Here are a couple more pictures of Braelyn engrossed in some of her favorite pastimes.

Reading. She was having trouble deciding on a book. Daddy has so many!

Geology. The game is usually to see how many rocks she can hold at once.

Talking on the phone.

Or talking on the toothbrush.

There happens to be a number of other items that double as a phone (in case you're in a pinch):
- Baby powder
- Power strip (Plugged in, mind you!)
- Very small, chokable G.I. Joe helmet (which I think she was actually pretending that it was a hearing aid. Kids these days...they want to grow up so fast!)
- Spoon
- Dog bone

And here is one of MY favorite games.
"Braelyn, how much does mommy love you?"


Thanks for letting me share.


rachel said...

Hi, Stephanie! It's Rachel Pun (of Rachel and Ben). I stumbled onto your blog and found it delightful! What a cheesy-sounding word, but really it's the best one to capture what I thought. :) Braelyn is adorable! Hope we can all stay in touch.

Erin said...

Oh, if you could only post more adorable-ness every day! It makes me smile every time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Steph! She is so cute!!! I can't believe how big she is! She's so beautiful too! Just like her mommy. Looks like you guys are doing well, glad to see that!

Erin said...

Please tell me that is chocolate cake crumbs on her face!!!

Steph said...
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Brandi Hyde said...

what a doll!!!
so cute.

crystal said...

Stephanie! I found your blog through Casey's, so I wanted to say hello! I am also trying to be better about blogging, but haven't really been so successful. mark and i are living in college station now and would LOVE to get together with you and yours!

Cynthia said...

She is such a big girl! Next time we get together, let's make it a play date!

Alicia said...

Ok... she inherited the tearing up the room from me. When I was her age, my whole room was torn apart, I took everything out of the drawers, pulled everything off my bed etc... Noah loved to get in the dog kennel and close the door when he was that age too... wow what great traits she inherited haha! :)