Monday, October 8, 2007

Round Top: Warrenton with Jessica

After 6 months of waiting, and weeks of anxious anticipation, Wednesday, my friend Jessica and I made our (delightfully short) way to Round Top (miles and miles of glorious trash and treasure, an antiquers paradise!). Jessica took me to Warrenton, a site she enjoyed in the past. Enjoyable indeed!

No longer a Round Top virgin, I went with a few "objectives" in mind. This helped me to admire with eyes only, while only the things on my list could be admired with money. My list contained, in order of importance, a church pew, a small white cabinet to hang over the potty, and a short cabinet to hold towels and shower stuff (this item wasn't really a possibility, but I thought I'd see what was out there).

So we began to wander through the field of tents and booths, chatting, simply enjoying the experience and the beautiful day. For the first couple of hours we didn't find much. Jessica found a $3 olive greenish, velvet throw pillow - What a steal! We decided to grab some lunch ($9 salty, chicken salad sandwich! Ridiculous!) and regain our strength for the hours of shopping ahead.

After lunch I was more successful. I found a number of beautiful church pews, some which were WAY out of my price range. Brief story about this: I had found a pew that I liked and could afford, but not wanting to make any hasty decisions I decided to look around a few more booths before committing. Right around the corner there was a beautiful pew, but it was a little too expensive. The dealer approached me and I told him that I loved his pew but it was a little more than I could spend. I told him I was hoping to find one around X number of dollars. Then, he said quite smugly, "Ha, good luck." I was a little irritated by his response and wanted to let him know that he was not going to crush my hopes, and so I said, clearly without thinking, "Well you're a stinker!" I said that! What! A stinker?! Oh, Steph. Not too long after that, I went back to the nice dealer named Robert and purchased my church pew. And then only a few yards away, I found my white cabinet. Only 40 bucks! What a happy day!

We strolled around for several more hours. Pressure off to find the "perfect" thing, it was fun to just browse and talk. We drove down to another little tent where we met another Robert. Cute as a button, Robert was an older gentleman with a gray Santa Clause beard. He has 8 kids, used to be a mechanic, collects books and wind chimes, which he also makes. The man said he had 60 wind chimes in his back yard. Can you imagine what his house sounds like in a thunderstorm! Anyways, we chatted with him for quite a while, and couldn't say no to the illustrations we found.

So that was our day. Super fun. Here are some pictures of our Round Top treasures!

Here's my church pew in it's happy, new home.

Once the cabinet is hung, I'll post some photos. I've been meaning to show everyone our new, beautiful bathroom anyway!


carahinojosa said...

I love your 'stinker' story. You are so cute.

Freddy told me a story about a time before he was 'saved' (I hate that term). He was out Christmas shopping with a friend when he encountered a very rude, unhelpful store clerk. Her meanness and impatience earned her a "Merry Frappin' Christmas" from Freddy....only he didn't say 'frappin'. :/

Morgan said...

i love the cabinet! sounds like you had fun, can't wait to see pics of your house!

Erin said...

I LOVE the church pew's new home!! It looks great! But lonely...needs pillows, eh?!

Casey said...

I encountered a guy that irritated me too, on Saturday, but I got over it. I can't see your pictures at the moment, I hope they will come up another time!! I love the idea of a church pew as a bench! great!

Cynthia said...

LOVE the pew and the cross decoration above it :)

That cabinet is perfect! What a find!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Great to find your blog!

Love your treasures!!!


Casey Cease said...

ur such a stinker...