Monday, January 14, 2008

Braelyn, Your Face is Not a Napkin!

Lately, my daughter has decided that she does not like her hands to have food on them while she eats...can't really blame her, I guess. However, she has discovered that her face and hair prove to be a very handy's always available, it's eco-friendly and most importantly, it gets the mess off her hands and out of the way.

On a related side note, the Cease family endorses the Barefoot Contessa chocolate chip cookie mix. A little pricey, but oh so delicious!


The Leivas said...

Bri did that when she was little. She would always wipe her food in her hair! haha

Bri Westbury said...

It's true- I did. (thanks Tonya)

When your hair needs a little lift- wa-lal- instant hair gel! I knew you kid was going to be awesome!

Casey Cease said...

Now she really looks like her dad!

brandi said...

betty did that with some mac & cheese yesterday. looked like cameron diaz in that movie.

Sara Triana said...

That is hilarious. At least she isn't a clean-freak baby.

I finished Anna Karenina today. Gosh. It was breathtaking! I'm just so amazed, and so happy that Levin didn't make the same choice as Anna in his identical nihilism!!!

Thanks also for the compliment!

Oh, my dear friend Alyssa is moving to Brenham to do some ministry stuff. I want you to adopt her. More info later. Love you.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet face!!! She is "cute as a button" :)