Friday, January 18, 2008

I FINALLY Made A Decision!!!

I must apologize for keeping you, especially you voters, in suspense for so long. I know you must have been losing sleep, night after night, agonizing over whether I chose the red mixer or the white mixer. Well, sleep well tonight my pretties, I finally made a decision! The final vote was 6 for red and 5 for white (counting one vote per voter...sorry Cutshall). Despite the fact that red earned more votes, I went I realize this defeats the purpose of a vote, but there are a couple of important reasons I overrode the vote.

1. Even though my mom did not vote on the blog, she purchased the white mixer, and therefore that counts as a vote for white. With her vote that's a tie.
2. There hasn't been much opportunity for mixer hunting.
3. I'm REALLY ready to use it.
And 4. What if this is my kitchen one day? It really might be, so I'm just thinking ahead. Anyways, thanks for voting. I hope my disregard for the outcome will not deter you from voting for other ridiculous things in the future. It was so much fun to read your votes...and, by the way, that is my most commented on post to date...19 comments!

I cannot wait to get mixing! With Casey on the first of many Disciple Now weekends and with this cold, nasty weather, I figured it would be good time to break her in. I'll let you know what me and ol' whitey mix up together! :)


Erin said...


carahinojosa said...

I think someone is a little bitter...;)

Is that your kitchen with the brick and the tin back splash?!? I love it! We are laying a brick floor in the mudroom that we put in. It's about halfway finished and it looks awesome! One of our next projects is to put a tin ceiling in our entryway!

Steph said...

Thanks Cara...yes, that is our kitchen, and I do like the brink corner, but the tin wasn't put in very well, lots of sloppy spots. The previous owners thought themselves very handy. :| Someone should have encouraged them to consider professionals...but now that I think about it, when you're talking about Brenham, maybe "do-it-yourself" is the way to go. (i.e. haircut :)

Catherine Haskew said...

I love how your mixer has a name already. I've had mine for almost two years and haven't come up with a good name for it. Can't wait to hear about all the yummy things you bake!

Anonymous said...

A red mixer would look totally cute against the red brick in the back ground! :) HOWEVER, you made a wise choice my friend.