Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Final Casey-Braelyn Birthday Post

The day after Casey "grown-up" party, we celebrated his and Braelyn's birthday with family. Very casual, very low-key...perfect.

Firth things first...presents. Most of them were for Braelyn as you can imagine. Casey and I gave her this little table and the purple, wooden tea set. I had been waiting for a year to give her this tea set. She loved it!

After presents we had burgers and cake. I ordered these cakes from The Sweet Tooth in Rosenberg. Very delicious and very affordable. I was pretty happy with how they came out.

After cake...SWIMMING!

As the night was coming to an end, Casey, out of nowhere asks my brother if he wanted to get baptized. Casey and Tyler have been talking about it for years now, and this night seemed like the perfect opportunity. All of our family was there, his girlfriend (of 5 years) was there, there was a pool, Casey was already in the water and Tyler, luckily, brought his swimming suit. There was no reason to wait. It was a very special ending to an already wonderful day. I love you, Tyler!

Big thanks to the family for giving Casey and Braelyn such a great birthday. We love you so much. And to all my dear, faithful, patient readers...this is the last birthday post for a very long time! I promise! ;)


Robin Brient said...

I need to watch Napoleon Dynamite again soon! Such a good movie!

Playing tea set is my favorite! I want to come play with it too! Braelyn is soooo adorable by the way! I know I say that every time, but I just love her cute pebbles pony tail!

annette said...

I remember the tea parties I hosted as I child, my dolls, my yorkies, my cousins, friends, and parents were all invited guests.

What a special end to a special day! We all have a new brother in Christ.

Cynthia said...

Those cakes are beautiful Steph! I'll have to remember that place for any future family parties we may do in town.

Courtney said...

Those are the cutest cakes! I love how simple they are. Perfect for a daughter/daddy celebration. I'm glad that you were able to celebrate (many,many times!). I've enjoyed reading all about the fun you all have had together. Where did you get that adorable tea set?

Steph said...

The tea set I found at a cute little specialty toy shop here in Brenham, however, when I went to finally buy it they were out and said the company had discontinued it, but were getting a new version in August. That was too long for me to wait so I found one on ebay. The company is Doug&Melissa. They always have great stuff. The new set that's coming out is pink. I'm sure it'll be adorable. That was a really long answer...sorry!

crystal said...

steph! i think this is one of my favorite posts yet because it seems like such a special celebration of so many things! your daughter is precious, the cakes are adorable and how awesome that your brother got baptized! i LOVED reading this!

Karen said...

Looks like fun and your daughter is just adorable!! Looks like she loves her new tea set!

(thanks for the traveling advice!!)

Morgan said...

I love the cakes!! Very cute. I have been to the Sweet Tooth before. She makes good cakes!

Caryn said...

I've never heard of a better finale to a birthday party...a baptism - it doesn't get better than that!