Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm 1 for 2 Today

Braelyn is generally a very good eater, but lately, we've been struggling over breakfast. She just isn't that interested anymore. I decided that this week I would make her some muffins...who can refuse a muffin, right? I also decided to make "healthy" muffins, because I don't want to just fill her up with sugar and useless calories.

After a little searching online, I found a easy recipe for healthy muffins. I wanted Braelyn to wake up to a yummy and nutritious breakfast, so at 9:00 last night, I whipped up a batch of whole wheat blueberry muffins.
Look healthy, don't they?! Yeah...they taste healthy too! I took one bite last night, and thought, "Hmmm? Wow! These are really terrible. They need butter...a lot of it!" But really, how much butter can you add to a healthy muffin before it's no longer healthy? And, really, there just ain't enough butter in this house to make these babies edible. (I'm reminded of my Pump Cran Nasties!)

If anybody has a good whole wheat muffin recipe, I'd love to try it. Otherwise my muffins are just gonna be unhealthy...they way muffins are supposed to be! Oh, and needless to say, Braelyn would have nothing to do with them.

Moving on to something freakishly unhealthy, but oh so fabulous...

I was inspired by Mrs. Mandi B. to have a pizza (hers is homemade!) and movie night with Braelyn while Casey was gone. I will, from now on stick to pizza on Pizza and Movie Night, but I needed to trial run a Mac&Cheese recipe, so for the inaugural Cease P&M night, it was M&C&M night.

This time, I turned to Martha. One can never go wrong with Martha! Man, I love that woman!!! Anyways, this mac&cheese was delish!!! Very rich. To get the recipe go here.
We set up a little picnic in the living room so we could watch our movie. This evening's feature: The Backyardigan's Tale of The Mighty Knights.
Thankfully, Braelyn enjoyed her dinner and her movie, as did I. I think we'll try this again next week...with daddy! ...and with pizza! (Probably from Domino's :).

On a different note, I wanted to do a post about how I've been doing/feeling these last few days with Casey gone. It's been a long run, and to be honest, I AM DONE! However, he's on his way home right now and so I think I'll wait to write that post. I would just be complaining at this point. But, I will write it. I want my blog to be honest and authentic. We have plenty of tantrums (Braelyn and me, both) and tears (Braelyn and me, both) to go along with our picnics and nail polish! Plus, I need to document for next year. I can't seem to remember from year to year. So, more on that later. I gotta go clean up the disaster in the kitchen before Casey gets home. ;)


annette said...

Maybe the birds will eat your muffins. About 10 years ago, I decided to try a new gingerbread recipe, I took one bite, e-mailed my cousin and said - I should give these to the DOD, America could bomb Iraq with them. He wrote back a couple of hours later and said turn on TV we are bombing Iraq because of the no fly zone. It's been a joke to this day in our family.

mandi said...

i have tons of great, healthy muffin recipes! come over and browse!
i love that you guys are doing movie night! it's lots of fun and the only way we make it through an entire wednesday every week without daddy : )
i understand those 'i need my husband' summer time blues. hang in there, you are doing a great job!

Jenny said...

You, I am sure have tried all sorts of breakfasty items, but just in case, (because my oh my is Sophia picky about every meal) Sophia loves Chocolate Malt O Meal hot cereal. It's packed full of nutrients and Iron fortified. I have finally gotten to like the cereal myself because it took me a while to get used to the funky texture. I would love to do the movie time with Sophia but she just wouldn't sit still. But it certainly sounds so fun.

Casey Cease said...

LOVED the Mac and Cheese! Great job, love!