Monday, December 15, 2008

I Heart A Good Giveaway

My good friend, Mandi informed her blog readers of this FABULOSO giveaway. "Oh, just another giveaway," you say? Oh no, my friends. This ain't no everyday giveaway. The prize is this...a personal portrait drawing AND if you want (um...yeah, I want) a second drawing of your entire family. OH. MY. GOSH. What a treasure that would be! Needless to say, I am adding a link, (see below) at the artist's request and signing up for the giveaway right now!
The blog is mer mag.
The giveaway post is here.
Go sign up. But don't win. I want to win.
(There's some Christmas spirit for ya!)

Thanks Mandi!


mandi said...

hold the phone, everybody! if you win you can nominate someone else- so you should nominate me. because.
that's why.

Steph said...

hmmm....I'll consider that.