Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So This Was Christmas - Part 1

We went to Sugar Land on the 22nd, but the night before we left we had a little Christmas Eve of our own.

We decorated Christmas cookies. We like pink and sprinkles.

Once Braelyn went to bed, Casey and I were hard at work. I was working on my homemade Christmas gifts (which I will show you soon, but I still have a few to give away) and Casey was working on Braelyn's Christmas present. Quite the ordeal. Can anyone guess what movie we're watching?...One of my favorites! That night I watched almost 3 full movies while I was working. Needless to say, we were up very late. But I finished all my homemade gifts, which was my goal. Phew!

The next morning Braelyn was happy to find her new kitchen.She had to call and tell all her friends about it.
That afternoon, we left for Sugar Land. We finished up some shopping and spent time with family. I do have to say, that out in Brenham, we're a little sheltered from the Christmas hysteria, so I was kind of blindsided by the craziness. But it was fun.

In an attempt to remind myself and my family that we were celebrating the birth of Jesus, I suggested that we find a Christmas Eve service. Our great friends Justin and Kaytie Johnston were leading worship for a new church plant in Katy (The Crossing), so we decided to go there.

Braelyn in her her Christmas dress. I thought she looked so sweet and beautiful. This is such a special picture to me.The church didn't have child care that night, so all the kiddos were in the service, which was fine with me, however, it made for a few humorous moments. While we were singing worship songs and Christmas carols, Braelyn made her way to the aisle. With her puffy dress and such lovely music, she could not resist this perfect dancing opportunity. She wasn't dancing full out, you know, as to not be a disturbance, but I could tell it was all she could do to not go twirling down the aisle. After the worship time, they had all the children come to the front to read the Christmas story. She wasn't sure she wanted to go at first, but once it got started she slowly and bashfully made her way up to the front. I guess once she was there she felt right at home because, then she took her shoes off. Oh goodness.

Well, I guess I'll stop there for now. There's still Christmas day to report on and a fun little get-together we had here in Brenham.

See ya in 2009! Happy New Year's Eve!
Oh and really...can you guess my movie? Maybe I'll give a prize to the first person who can guess it!


Caryn said...

Don't know the movie, but Braelyn does look sweet and beautiful in her Christmas dress. Too bad Carysse can't wear short-sleeve dresses in the winter!

Abbasgirl said...

Great pictures. I have been checking your blog the last couple of days for Christmas pics.

Did you watch Christmas Story? I know it was on numerous times, one day I'll watch it.

Happy New Year!

Love, Mrs Annette

Erin said...


Steph said...

Yes!!!!! Clue!!! You win, Cutshall. I'll get that prize to you asap. :)

Cynthia said...

AH! We guessed Clue too! Clue, really??!!

Jenny said...

Oh, my thanks for the update. Where and how much was that darling kitchen? Sophia got toddler cooking stuff and has toted that everywhere.

Erica said...

Braelyn is so sweet! I love her beautiful dress and can't wait to play in that cute little kitchen.

It was so great seeing yall today! Can't wait to be back :]

Sara Triana said...

Can I have an " I <3 elephant" shirt, too? I do love elephant.