Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caught In Between Comfy and Crazy

I went looking for some shoes today. A little white dress sandal with a slight heel as well as a black ballet flat (peep-toe preferably). Today I realized that I am both too young and too old (mostly too old) to shop for shoes, because there's this...
...which I feel too young to be wearing.

Or there's (a whole lot of) this......which I feel too old to be wearing.

Is there NOTHING in between?! That's my choice?...cushioned souls or 8 inch heels. Awesome!

Well, now I am not being completely fair. How clumsy of me! I forgot...there's also this lovely option...Perfect! Space shoes. Not a cushioned soul nor an 8 inch heel. I'll take a pair in every color.



Erica said...

ATROCIOUS! What on earth is the world coming to???

mandi said...

yes! i know this feeling! john and i went shoe shopping last week and i found myself getting more and pratical with every pair. he put his foot down when i ended up with yet another pair of converse-esque footwear. fortunately, he held his ground and i finally found a pair of sandals.

Edlow said...

My Mom and I went to DSW to shoe shop a few weeks ago and I saw a pair of sandals ( I use the word loosley) that had a built in scrunchie that went around the ankle! It was so ugly!

monique said...

You made me laugh out loud; and boy I needed it! I'm trying to figure out how that last pair makes any sense.

Abba's Girl said...

Looks like Mary Janes on an acid trip, gladiator shoes on steroids...and the 3rd option - no words to describe them other than ghastly.

I went shoe shopping last week and realized I am stuck wearing what I have.

Have a blessed week.

Love ya!