Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Some Windowsill Happiness

A little late, but whatever...

Preparing for Easter:

Dying our eggs.
We also planted flowers in some egg shells. A very fun project.
In the windowsill. With labels and all.

On Good Friday we headed to San Antonio to see my little bro play some ball.

On the road...a reminder of what it's all about.
Braelyn enjoying both the game and a pickle.
It was a little cooler than we expected.
Back in Brenham for Easter.
Sunday was beautiful. Two girls that are very dear to me were baptized. We had much to celebrate that day.

(I did have orange juice spilled on me at brunch, which was a low point, but who could be upset on a day like that? Luckily, our house was just down the road so I changed clothes and got back before our food was served :).

Braelyn on Easter...this is the best I could get.
Now, the eggshell project that was meant to be for Braelyn has turned into a new little hobby for me. I have to tell you, I have become quite attached to these little sprouts. They're just growin' up so fast.
Every Spring, especially since we've lived in Brenham, I get the urge to garden and plant flowers, but...I don't know what I am doing and I don't want to spend tons of money on plants that I will inevitably end up murdering within 2 or 3 weeks. But this project has hardly cost any money at all and since they're right in front of me so much of the day (above my kitchen sink) I haven't neglected them. How could I?...the little dears. Anyways, I just had to share my new windowsill friends. They brighten my day, all day. :) You should get some!


Erin said...

Gosh, she's getting so big! Isn't it fun to watch everything grow! I want to see her (and you) in person soon!

Abba's Girl said...

What a beautiful weekend...He is Risen!!!

Thanks for your encouragement. I have not had too much of a pity party, but I have been drowning myself in movies and reading just so I don't have to think.

I am working up my nerve to read the prayer I was writing in the ER waiting room an hour before dad died. I have not touched my journal since that night. It's time.

There are more situations and people to pray for in times of deep prayer, I pray for them, but not as I should.

Love you sweet thing...

Mrs Annette

monique said...

I am so impressed! The egg shell plants look so fun. B looks like she enjoyed it all.

mandi said...

that post...i have much to say.
a) tell braelyn to stop being so cute! i mean it!
b) your socks with your flip-flops. umm- are we really resorting to this?
c) window sill garden- i love it! and if you want to plant a garden call me up. i'll share with you anything i know (and probably all the stuff i think i know, but really don't- cuz that's how i roll)
d) braelyn's face in front of ernies- HI-Larious!

Alex & Tonya said...

Hi Steph!

I have a randon question for you. What is your ALL TIME favorite of all the classics you have read?


Steph said...

It's a tie...David Copperfield by Charles Dickens and (of course) Pride and Prejudice by the lovely Ms. Austen :)

Alex & Tonya said...

Hi!! Thanks for the recommendation. I am joining a book club and I need to show up with 5 books I would like to read and I wanted one of my five to be a classic.