Monday, April 6, 2009

My Daughter the Comedian

Last night, while we were having some dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, my daughter decided to break into song. "It's you and me, and it's you and me...,"she sang over and over again, and it is important to note that this was all at the top of her lungs, without a doubt disturbing the tables around us. But finding her bold artistry deliciously amusing, we had no mind to stop her, so this verse went on for quite some time. Then she transitioned to a second verse, which I must say was truly inspired. While petting and pulling my hair, she sang, "If you have blonde hair, if you have blonde hair..." (Her songs consist of a lot of repetition.) Suddenly, she took a dramatic pause, so I took the opportunity to ask, "Braelyn, what happens if you have blonde hair?" My brilliant and comedic daughter replied in her blondiest voice, "I don't know, I don't remember."

Classic. We applauded her genius. (Blondes, please do not be offended. Remember, the writer and artist of the song is, herself, a blonde.)

While I'm on the subject of Braelyn and what a hoot she is, here are a few other little anecdotes that I just had to document:

* When Casey mentions to her that he's going to go to the bathroom (um...just #1) she says, "K, Daddy, don't forget to wipe!" Without fail. Hilarious. I will never tell her that he doesn't have to wipe. Ever.

* Just this morning she was going through my jewelry that I had taken to the lake house. I told her, "Braelyn you need to put that back please, because you already lost one of my earrings." "That's my job," she said. :|

* She getting much better about this, but when she first started going potty (#2) on the big girl potty it kinda freaked her out, so she would spend like 20 minutes pacing the house (it conveniently makes a full circle...good for pacing). I would ask her if she needed to go potty, and she always sharply replied, "No, I don't." And then, about 20 minutes later she would stop, look at me very seriously, and with some urgency say that she needed to go potty. It was always quite an ordeal. Bless her heart, she would get so worked up about it. But she's coming to terms with the fact that she poos in the potty now, which is good because that's really a situation you have to deal with your whole life.

Oh my goodness, she's always making me laugh. I wish I was smart enough to write these things down as they happen.

Alright then, off to catch up on 24 and Heroes. G'Night.


Lynnette said...

What a cutie she is!!

Julie Armendariz said...

She seems to get her sense of humor from you, Steph! I love reading your blog- you're very sharp & such a good writer. Write that children's book!!

Casey Cease said...

Amen, Julie. Daddy need a sugar-momma! (J/K - kind of).

Thank you, Steph for being so great at capturing B's growth and humor. I'm blessed to do life with you!

Love you,

monique said...

I love that you shared this. I wish I had been in the restaurant to hear the song!

mandi said...

aww- cute girl!!! i love her booming voice- her dainty frame is very deceptive : )

here's an idea for capturing her quotes quickly- i hang a sheet of paper on the refrigerator with a magnetic pin next to it. so when something cute is said i can jot it down really quick. this is convenient for me, because- as you know- i spend LOTS of time in the kitchen with the kids. i also keep a journal for each of my kids. at night i like to write down anything i can remember from the day or write love letters to them. i've been doin this since they were born and i LOVE to look back. now i can read some of the stuff to dylin and she thinks it's hilarious! i also like to put little notes about parenting in there in hopes that they will one day look back as a parent for some advice.

Steph said...

OMG MANDI! You are amazing! What a fabulous idea! Fabulous! What a treasure to give to your kiddos! I wish I would have seen this earlier and I would have picked up a journal on my way out!!!

oh my goodness...what a thoughtful mommy you are!