Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gymnastics Camp and a Great Summer Recipe

Well, Braelyn made it through gymnastics camp...with flying colors if I do say so myself! :) Wednesday, she still wouldn't do the roll on the wedge (they call it the cheese) or on a flat mat for that matter! Crazy! But she did feel okay about swinging from the high bar that's like 8 feet off the ground. Go figure.

At the end of class that day, I got an important phone call that I had been waiting for, so I went outside and left Braelyn with Brandi and her kids. During that five minutes, Brandi had Braelyn try a somersault on a super thin mat, then folded it to make it thicker and finally worked her way up to the thick, cushy mat. What a great friend! When I came back inside Braelyn demonstrated her new-found courage. I decided to take advantage of the moment and see if she would give the cheese one more shot...and she did! No problem at all! I was so proud of her! Thanks Brandi for all your help!

Here's some pics from yesterday and today.

Jonas somersaulting on the beam.
(Braelyn would not attempt this. :)

Braelyn, after a somersault on the wedge!
Ta da!
(And that's our friend J back there, being supportive.)
She even went for the backwards roll! What a champ! :)

It was really fun. I'm so glad we did it. There's a little mini-kid cheer camp at the end of the month. We might give that a try, as well.

Now for the great summer recipe...
You know I love me a CookingLight recipe and this one is delicious!

Chicken and Feta Tabbouleh.

You can get the recipe here.
It calls for bulgur, which I have never used before and couldn't find at my grocery store, so I just used some brown rice that I had on hand. I don't know if that's an appropriate substitution, but whatever, it was fabulous!

This is the kind of food I love to eat! Lots of chopped up bits of goodness mixed together with tons of great herbs. Mmm-Mmm.This one's goin' in the Cease family lunch/dinner rotation! You should give it a try!

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Jason and Sarah said...

Go Braelyn!!! Ashlyn was scared to do the high bar when she took gymnastics...but she never got over that fear.