Monday, June 22, 2009


We've been telling Braelyn for several weeks now that when she's three years old she doesn't get to have her paci at bedtimes, so yesterday, as she was officially 3 years old, we sent her to bed with no paci. I have been dreading this, convinced that this would be the hardest transition we have had to deal with yet.

As always, she proved me wrong. The girl grabbed her teddy bears and her collection of diapers (yes, she sleeps with pull-up diapers, like a teddy bear, and she's very particular about what Disney character is on them and it's all very serious), climbed in bed with a smile and said, "I love you, Mommy." And that was that.

That girl never ceases to amaze me. I was truly bracing myself for total meltdowns and little sleep that first paci-free night, but she did great. I'm so proud of my big girl!
And while you're here...Just look at this castle!
It's pretty awesome! And while it is taking up about 1/3 of Braelyn's room, we love it! Right now, Braelyn's in there reading quietly for "rest time." We may have to do some room rearranging, but I am starting to wonder how I ever lived without a giant castle in my house. We've decided that if the economy really goes south and we can no longer afford our house, we can live in the castle. We'll have the fanciest house of anyone we know! ;)


mandi said...

i can just see it now- braelyn locked up there in the top tower by her protective daddy!

way to go braelyn! you big girl!

oh- and i have to comment on the pull-ups. i can't hardly find the words...but that is so funny! and serious. of course.

Caryn said...

Cute castle.

BTW, I like your hair long. It's really cute!